The Black Cashmere Sweater: A Winter Wardrobe Staple


If you are just starting out on your capsule wardrobe journey or just trying to create a more timeless, classic wardrobe, one of the best items you can add is a black cashmere sweater. You can rarely go wrong wearing black, especially in a luxe fabric like cashmere. (It even has a Seinfeld episode dedicated to it.) And, as the temperatures continue to drop in February, it’s a warm and cozy option for the office and play. Here I show how I wear my black cashmere sweater to dress up an office, casual, and going out look.

The black cashmere sweater – just thinking about it conjures images of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Jackie Kennedy. This wardrobe staple is a timeless classic. It instantly elevates any look with its luxe fabric and flattering color and silhouette. Although it can be expensive, a cashmere sweater is the kind of item that doesn’t go out of style and will last if you take good care of it. As you pare down your wardrobe to just the essentials, this is the kind of piece you should think about collecting if you want a closet that will stand the test of time.

Luckily, cashmere sweaters go on sale around this time of year. I would recommend looking at Macy’s, J.Crew, or even Nordstrom for a cashmere sweater under $100. Everlane has a collection of cashmere sweaters that are always priced just under $100.

You can also find them in secondhand stores and sites, but it may take some patience to find one that’s just right. This is a piece many would find hard to part with. I did find some black cashmere sweaters on eBay and some on Poshmark. Just make sure to pay attention to the condition. Check to see if there is any pilling or holes.


Work Outfit

Black Cashmere Sweater / Plaid Blazer / High-Waisted Jeans / Black Headband / Loafers / Rhinestone Earrings

For a nice work outfit, I wear this sweater with a gray blazer, nice dark wash jeans, loafers, and a cute headband. I would consider the plaid blazer and headband to be on the trendier side. It just goes to show you how easily you can work in trendy pieces if you have the right closet staples. Our office is a little more casual, so I would wear this if I had a meeting with clients.


Going Out Outfit

Black Cashmere Sweater / Black and White Skirt / Black Heels / Leopard Print Headband / Rhinestone Earrings

A black cashmere sweater is especially nice to add to a going out outfit in the winter. It adds that extra layer of warmth around your torso even if the rest of your outfit is a little chilly. I tucked it into this flippy skirt and added a fun leopard print headband to break up the all black look. That’s the other nice thing about a black sweater. You can easily play with prints, patterns, and textures. I would wear this if we were going out for a nice dinner and a show.


Casual Outfit

Black Cashmere Sweater / Boyfriend Jeans / Leopard Print Flats / Black Headband / Rhinestone Earrings

A black cashmere sweater is also nice if you just enjoy everyday luxuries. Sitting at home and watching football on a Saturday in a warm cashmere sweater is a great way to enjoy life. Just saying. Or if you like to look good while you’re running errands. But truthfully, I would wear an outfit like this if we were heading to the museum for the day or to see a movie. I really like it paired with boyfriend jeans and leopard print shoes for that extra bit of fun. I would even wear this to work honestly if I didn’t have any meetings with clients.

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