Of Note – January 25


Happy Saturday! How was your week? For me this week was a return to routines. Have I said how much I love a good routine? I went to the gym four times — the first time since before the holidays. I meal prepped and made delicious, healthy meals, one of which I talk about below. And we got back into some shows and found new shows to enjoy. Oh and we’re planning like crazy for the big day! It’s ok though — we’ve got this! Here are some recipes, TV shows, movies, and podcasts of note from this week. I hope you have a lovely weekend!



1917 is one of the best picture nominated movies. It tells the story of two young British soldiers trying to deliver an urgent message during World War I that could save thousands of their fellow soldiers. You must see this in theaters! It was so good! It’s beautifully shot and is such a powerful and moving story that keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time.


The Outsider

We just started two new shows this week. The Outsider is based on a Stephen King novel and revolves around the investigation of the murder of a young boy. It’s a little disturbing, especially if you have children, but very good if you’re into crime dramas with a supernatural twist.


We also just started Cheer on Netflix. I did not think we were going to like it, but we both got sucked in to the first episode. There is of course “drama”, but the sport is much more competitive than I realized. It’s pretty fascinating and the show is a little bit like Last Chance U.



Best of the Decade Episodes – On Unspooled Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson re-watch the AFI’s top 100 movies and discuss whether they should still be on the list. This year, they did a special four-part series to discuss the best movies of the decade. Because my fiancé and I see so many movies, this has been like reliving our best date nights from the last 10 years. I’ve loved it! And I got a lot of good movie recommendations.


Chickpea Pasta with Lemony Parsley Pesto

For dinner this week, we tried this Chickpea Pasta with Lemony Parsley Pesto. It was so good! I couldn’t find chickpea pasta, so I swapped in Trader Joe’s Quinoa and Brown Rice Pasta and it was delicious. The recipe also calls for roasted root veggies. It was so savory and filling yet healthy! The parsley pesto is a really simple and quick way of making pesto that I plan on using more. It was so flavorful.

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