Of Note – February 15


Happy Saturday! How was your Valentine’s Day? Thursday I went to a girlfriend’s party and Friday we stayed somewhat low key and had dinner at a new-to-us BYOB Indian restaurant called Mintt. I enjoyed the random snow storm this week, but I’m glad things are warming up today. Yesterday was quite frigid in Pittsburgh. I hope you had a nice week and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Here are a few things I listened to, read, ate, or watched this week.


I’ve talked about this podcast before on social media, but I really enjoyed the latest episode of Bad on Paper Podcast all about being single in your 30s. They describe the positives (a perspective that is unfortunately not often shared) as well as how to make single friends, which is great advice for anyone (single or not). If you’re interested, you should also give their Bad on Politics series a listen. Very informative!


I tried making Mahi Mahi (the fish) for the first time, and it was actually quite good. I used this Kitchn recipe that drowns it in a butter, lemon, and parsley sauce. I may have overcooked it slightly. It calls for medium high heat in a cast iron skillet. That’s risky! But I’m actually giving it another try this week because I liked it so much.


The new Wes Anderson movie trailer is out. Have you seen it? The French Dispatch is about an American magazine based in a fictional city in France. It shares a collection of stories from the publication’s last issue. I’m usually a fan of his films, and I’m glad to see him creating one of his beautiful worlds with a French twist. Also, all the hot young actors and actresses are in it (Timothée Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan) as well as Anderson’s usual cast of characters, so now you have to see it. It comes out this summer.


Hello Adams Family is a blog and Instagram account (Liz Adams) that I’ve followed for a while now and always enjoy. They’re a charming family that makes dinner together live on Instagram and now Dave is sharing his financial tips. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers doing this lately, and I’m here for this content. Personal finances are something that’s on my mind a lot, so it’s always interesting to see how other people handle them.

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