Of Note – February 1


We’re officially out of the month of January. We made it! There is something quiet and calm about January. It seems like a time of hibernation for most. Like taking a deep breath before the year really gets going. I can already feel the change in pace. We’ll be watching the Superbowl on Sunday and next weekend is the Oscars (they moved it up this year). Over the next week, we’ll be doing our best to watch all of the best picture nominations. What have you seen so far? Whatever your plans are, I hope you hold on to the relaxing vibes of January for as long as possible. Here are some items Of Note from the last week.


The Crown: The Official Podcast

If you watch The Crown and would love to learn a little more about the historical background and thought that goes into each episode, The Crown: The Official Product is a delight. They interview creator Peter Morgan who, I suspect, enjoys revisiting the episodes too.

Drinking (Or lack thereof)

Dry January

I completed my first dry January. It felt weird at first to not be drinking in certain social settings. At a bar on a Friday night. At Sunday night dinner, where we usually have a few glasses of wine. But overall I loved it. Physically I felt and looked better. More energy, better sleep, better skin. Mentally I felt better. Sharper, less irritable, more positive. It definitely made me re-think when and how I consume alcohol. The positive benefits are enough to make me want to cut back.


Best Black Blazer

Cupcakes and Cashmere tested out six of the best black blazers and found a clear winner. This is a great list of options for anyone trying to add great foundational pieces to their wardrobe (capsule or otherwise). But I also found it interesting that a Target blazer made it to the top three. Target has been impressing me lately with their work wear pieces at affordable price points.

Pittsburgh Things

Oscar Preparation  

Row House Cinema is helping you with your Oscar Preparation. Over the next few days, they’re showing some of the Best Picture nominations as well as the Oscar-Nominated Shorts. The shorts are obviously a little bit harder to come by, so I love when theaters combine them into one showing. The categories are Documentary, Animation, and Live-Action. Always fun and interesting to see.

Also, here is the official Oscar Ballot. We like to fill ours out every year.


Trader Joe’s 1-Minute Lentil Salad

I was perusing my local Trader Joe’s when one of their employees saw me holding their bag of premade lentils and said she likes to prepare hers with bruschetta and feta cheese. I was originally just going to throw it on a salad to add a little protein, but I had to copy her recipe because it sounded delicious. Then I found the official Trader Joe’s 1-Minute Lentil Salad recipe on their website and had to share it with all of you. It’s yummy, healthy, very filling, and, as the name implies, very easy to make. One serving of lentils has 9 grams of protein.


10 Questions to Ask Before Buying New Clothes


In the beginning of the year, I committed to becoming a more mindful consumer. Part of that means appreciating what you have and consuming less, but eventually the need or desire to buy something new will arise. This is especially true of my capsule wardrobe. A few weeks ago, I purged my winter wardrobe and narrowed down my closet to just the essentials. Although I feel like I have everything I need at this moment, this may change as my style evolves and my needs change. Responding to these changes with the right mindset will help make sure any new purchases I make are worthwhile. Here are 10 questions I’ll be asking myself before adding anything new to my capsule wardrobe.

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Of Note – January 25


Happy Saturday! How was your week? For me this week was a return to routines. Have I said how much I love a good routine? I went to the gym four times — the first time since before the holidays. I meal prepped and made delicious, healthy meals, one of which I talk about below. And we got back into some shows and found new shows to enjoy. Oh and we’re planning like crazy for the big day! It’s ok though — we’ve got this! Here are some recipes, TV shows, movies, and podcasts of note from this week. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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The Black Cashmere Sweater: A Winter Wardrobe Staple


If you are just starting out on your capsule wardrobe journey or just trying to create a more timeless, classic wardrobe, one of the best items you can add is a black cashmere sweater. You can rarely go wrong wearing black, especially in a luxe fabric like cashmere. (It even has a Seinfeld episode dedicated to it.) And, as the temperatures continue to drop in February, it’s a warm and cozy option for the office and play. Here I show how I wear my black cashmere sweater to dress up an office, casual, and going out look.

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Winter 2020 Capsule Wardrobe


Now that the dust has settled from the holidays, I finally found time to put together my winter capsule wardrobe. It may seem a little late, but we’ve been experiencing fall-like weather throughout December and early January here in Pittsburgh, so now feels like the right time. Before I jump into what I’m wearing this winter, here is a little background:

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4 Ways I’m Becoming More Mindful About My Clothing Purchases


Photo credit: David Dabney

As I think about the new year and the next decade, one of the thoughts that weighs heaviest on my mind is the collective impact we have on our planet. It’s driving me to want to become a more mindful consumer. As someone who blogs about personal style and shares their clothing purchases publicly, I can’t in good conscience encourage people to consume more than is absolutely necessary. That’s why I’m trying to set a good example by taking deliberate steps to become more sustainable in my fashion choices. Here are 4 strategies I’m employing to make fewer, but more thoughtful purchases while still maintaining a functional wardrobe that reflects my personal style.

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