Movie props: 500 Days of Summer Headphones

So, you know those cool headphones that Joseph Gordon-Levitt, wears in 500 Days of Summer? Apparently they are made by a brand called We Are the Superlative Conspiracy. When I went to that Web site, I couldn’t find them, but Urban Outfitters carries what looks to be the same thing, if not something very similar. I have no idea if this is a good brand or if they are worth investing $58 in, but they look cool…

Movie outfit

I love Zooey Deschanel’s looks in 500 Days of Summer so much that I thought I would try to recreate the look from one of the movie posters (see below). I am now in search of the grey, shimmery tights from the movie poster. Does anyone have any good recommendations for where to find them? 

Blouse: Converse by John Varvatos $98
Trouser Shorts: Charlotte Russe $24.99
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman $151