Floral Patchwork Wrap Blouse

 Anthropologie Floral Patchwork Wrap Blouse / Articles of Society Jeans / Jack Rogers Sandals 

This top is so me. It’s quirky, it’s undecided, it’s beautiful, it has many layers. And yet it works. It’s like organized chaos. I’m all about it. Somehow every pattern and every color is boldly on display at the same time. There’s a balance to the crazy that I’m obsessed with. It’s outfits like these that make me feel like I get to wear what’s on the inside: a patchwork of experiences that all somehow fit together to make this random but beautiful life. Also, I’m claiming this as my Mamma Mia shirt! It’s the type of shirt you can stuff in a suitcase and wear anywhere yet look confidently cool and at home. What outfit defines you?

Fall outfit inspiration: looks from Anthropologie

Like everyone else on the planet, I adore Anthropologie. Due to their high prices I can only copy these styles, unless I find something on major discount. I was recently looking at their website and saw these outfits. Each one is styled for different outings such as going to the bakery or the flower shop—not that these looks would need to be very different. But I always admire their styling, and look to them for inspiration. I love the colors and interesting fabrics they use, and all of these looks incorporate perfect examples of layering for fall.

Fall jackets part 2

By now you must know that I am obsessed with jackets. Wearing one really is a great way to offset and compliment an outfit. Not to mention keep you warm during fall’s fluctuating temps. I love that tweed can be worn a number of ways from the office to going out, and the embellished versions available now look very dressy and demure. I am quickly becoming a fan of the leather jacket. Not only has it been a garment symbolizing cool, from James Dean to Joan Jett, the tough exterior really creates a great contrast to the frilly, girly dresses and outfits that I love to wear. Lastly, the equestrian jacket, which remains a staple for lines like Ralph Lauren, and pops in and out of mainstream retailers. The best part of the equestrian jacket is that it is so flamboyant you only need it and some very subtle accompaniments to wear it. It is the statement. And fall is the best time to wear this hunting-inspired piece.
1. J.Crew Houndstooth bomber, $298
2. J.Crew Shimmer tweed Ruby jacket, $325
3. Loft tweed jacket, $148
4. Express Leather quilted shoulder jacket, $98
5. Target Moto jacket, $39.99
6. Delia’s Layla ruffle jacket, $79.50
7. Piperlime Tinley road equestrian blazer, $59
8. Jack Wills Queenhill equestrian jacket, $449
9. Anthropologie Garment district blazer, $148

What I love about summer…

I’ve got fall on the brain. All I can think about are chunky sweaters, turkey, and scarves. It doesn’t help that retailers have our brains so perfectly trained that we start thinking of fall exactly at this time of year when fall clothes are just appearing in stores. It’s too early, and it’s too hot. Summer is too short and too wonderful to be thinking about fall. So I decided to compile a list of my favorite things about summer that I want to savor for as long as possible.

1. The number one thing I wish for when it’s cold outside is to be able to throw on a cute dress and run out the door without a care in the world.

2. I love to eat and dine with friends. The only thing better than eating itself is eating outside.

3. I am not into all of the really really dark or hoppy beers. I like the light, fruity taste of a good summer beer.

4. Living near Lake Erie, an accessible beach is a 5 minute drive away. The beach is a hallmark for my entire summer whether on vacation or not.

5. I am starting quite a collection of bathing suits. I love them all—polka dot, striped, or solid. And nothing is more comfortable or sexy in this weather than a bikini.

6. I love being able to decorate a table with fresh flowers and seeing them growing in the garden.

7. Showing off my colorful toe nails. This may seem boring, but I love wearing sandals, and plus, my toes have to hide for the other 9 months of the year.

8. Summer fruit and farmer’s markets. I hate when stores start carrying three varieties of fruit—apples, oranges, and bananas. Give me watermelon, cantaloupe, and peaches any day.

9. Longer days. I have a lot to accomplish in a day. I don’t like when it gets dark outside at 5 in the dead of winter.

10. Summer vacation/trips. I love to travel and a long weekend in the summer is no better excuse to pick a place on the map and just drive. A week at the beach is nice too.

Bangs and french style

I found this while reading A Cup of Jo.

Jezebel writes “The January Anthropologie catalog knows that you secretly wish you could be a quirky, insouciant French gamine living in Paris. Or at least: Dress like one.”

Joanna agrees that she is guilty as charged, and I have to say that there is nothing I want more than to accidentally get caught in the rain while wearing a chic trench and darling dress, sit alone in coffee shops and appear content, and ride bikes with bushels of flowers in the front basket. I also really want this girl’s haircut. Don’t be all French and pretend like you don’t care.