Falling for bright skirts

This skirt was definitely made for spring with its brights bursts of color and impressionist floral pattern. I usually pair it with a crisp white blouse and bright baubles, and I feel all special like I’m going to walk into a store on Rodeo Drive and say, “Big Mistake! Huge!”, like my idol Julia Roberts. But that’s easy. The real challenge, and the thing that coincidentally makes the skirt look even brighter, is when you pair it with fall’s darker hues. For some reason, I had a feeling about this Army Green button down. Green compliments flowers. It’s science. Black tights would have been too severe with the bright colors and gray tights would have clashed with the shoes so I went with maroon. Overall I thought the colors meshed well. Have you tried wearing any brighter colors for fall?
J.Crew Men’s button down and skirt; Target turtle neck; Thrifted vintage Ann Taylor loafers; BR necklace; Tights?

Army Green remixed look 3

Here is the third look of the remix. This time I went for a much more casual rough around the edges effect, especially my hair. That is what happens when I let it go for too long. After a full day of hot humid air, my hair has no chance. But that’s OK because clean and polished hair wouldn’t really look right with this outfit. This is definitely one of those running-errands-on-the-weekend-but-still-want-to-look-chic-so-I’ll-wear-my-heels look. I got my inspiration for the outfit from J.Crew’s summer catalog. I thought it was a pretty good attempt at recreating the look. Although I wish I had the cool jacket the model is wearing. See all three looks here and click on the star to add me as your favorite.
J.Crew button down; H&M top (from Mom and Dad); Little sister’s shorts; Nine West Shoes; H&M purse

Army green remixed

So, I just featured an outfit post with this army green shirt because I am using it for an outfit remix contest on Chictopia. The winner will have their look remixed in Teen Vogue. Based on how much I loved the first outfit I put together with this shirt, I figured it would be a good piece to play around with. And I figured Teen Vogue’s readers may want a fresh way to wear the Military trend that is so popular now. I really liked the way this outfit turned out. I kind of just threw it together and hoped for the best. The proportions and colors came together quite nice. The top is actually a dress, which I was proud of myself for trying. 
J.Crew button down (from the men’s department $20); H&M skirt; Express dress; Nine West shoes; Kenneth Cole watch

You will salute to fashion

This was one of those outfits I wasn’t sure about all day. I am not one to wear army green or any camo patterns for that matter. But I had seen the trend done so well here and here that I wanted to try it. I bought this shirt at J.Crew while shopping in Georgetown. It was from the men’s section and on sale for $20. With the encouragement of my shopping enabler friend, I made the purchase. While it felt like I was just wearing a baggy shirt all day (also something I am not accustomed to), I actually love how it looks in these photos. The tough, structured green shirt and the floral print dress create a great contrast.
J.Crew shirt; Forever 21 dress; Target leggings; Nine West sandals; H&M earrings; Ray Ban sunglasses

Army green jackets

I am loving army green jackets especially paired with really girly details like floral print dresses and skirts. It kind of makes me think of Jenny from Forest Gump, during her hippy phase. Throwing on one of these jackets would be a nice alternative to wearing a cardigan on those chilly spring nights. Here are some of my favorites for spring. Before I pick up one of these, I might have to take a trip to the Army Navy story to see what’s in stock.