Packing guide: Beach Vacation

I have seen a lot of people doing packing tutorials lately, and since I am currently on vacation, I thought I’d take a stab at it. Here are some examples of the clothes/accessories/shoes I will be bringing:

A variety of tops and skirts to be combined in various ways. It’s easy stress-free packing creating a variety of different outfits that can be re-worn and -assembled.
Outfit 1: Gap skirt; The Limited Tank; Banyan Tree necklace; Sam Edelman sandals; Etsy clutch; Ray Ban aviators
Outfit 2: Marshalls’ blouse; Urban Outfitters skirt

A going out dress. This was my investment piece from a couple of summers ago when I got one of my first official paychecks as a working college grad. It was something I saw, and knew I had to have. Luckily it went on sale right before I went on vacation. Can you say temptation?
J.Crew postcard dress

Shirt dresses/over sized shirts. I can’t think of a more comfortable but still stylish beach go-to. This one is originally from H&M that I bought at the thrift store. At this point last week, I had not had time to iron my outfits. So please bare with me.

J.Crew polo; Forever 21 shorts 
The beach uniform: polo shirt and pastel shorts. It’s not very creative, but who has time to think while on vacation. This goes along the lines of that boy scout motto: be prepared.

Cover ups. Once again a variety of colors and shapes to be paired with a variety of bikinis. I got this one at the thrift store and have no idea what the brand is. I just loved the stripes. Head scarfs/hats are essential especially when going down south. The sun is so penetrating that areas of my skin that have never burnt up north, including the tops of my ears/part line, get burnt.

Various jewelry and accessories. Not much thought was put into this mishmash.

I also just want to disclaim that even though this is roughly what I imagine myself packing when I go on vacation, an additional 10 outfits or so get thrown in, in a moment of indecision and loss of self control. Happy packing!

Packing for a beach vacation

I am going on vacation next week, and I hate packing. I am the chronic overpacker. I can never resist the urge to bring something I know I wont use. Here are some things I know I need and some tips on where you can buy similar items. Where do you buy your summer basics? Or that perfect summer dress? These are the bare essentials, and I know I don’t need to pack much else besides variations of these things.

This is the summer tote I have been bringing along with me for the past couple of summers. I have no idea where it is from because it was a birthday gift, but I love it.

I love any kind of coral nail polish. This is from essie’s spring line. It’s called One of a Kind and is $8.00.

Although I did not purchase any shoes from Steve Madden for the summer, I was impressed with their selection and pricing. This gold sandal is on sale for 39.95.

I honestly don’t know where you are supposed to buy cover ups. I always look at Marshalls or TJ Maxx, but by the time I do, which is usually in June, they look picked over or really cheap. This year I was determined to find one that resembled the terry cloth Juicy Couture variety. At $35 it was a little pricey, but I had tried every other possible discount source and could not find one I liked. I am happy with this one from Victoria’s Secret. The material is durable, and it is the right length and color.

For bathing suits I sometimes like Victoria’s Secret, but you have to be careful about ordering things that may look like they have cheap detailing. Something basic like this is a safe bet. The top is on clearance for $6.99 and the bottoms are $5.99.

Basics like this one are easy to stock up on at Forever 21’s prices($6.80). They also have the longer length, which means after the beach they can paired with skinny jeans or leggings. And they have a more interesting cut like this racerback scoopneck.

For dinner at a nice restaurant or just for wandering around a city during a muggy summer night, I like J.Crew for their lightweight, colorful summer dresses.

(Top photo via flickr)