Black and White Print Dress

Details: Banana Republic Factory Dress / Gap Shirt / Halogen Flats / Target Necklace

I hope 2017 is going well for you so far. I accomplished my first “first” of the year. I went indoor rock climbing over the weekend. It was an amazing experience. I was filled with adrenaline and pride in myself for overcoming my fears. I have to admit I was really scared. I have a bad fear of heights. I could barely get up the wall at first. Putting your safety in someone else’s hands when you’re really scared is hard to do. The nice thing is that you get to be the person holding the rope too. Once you figure out how it all works it’s a lot less scary. Over time I gained confidence and was trying some of the more challenging walls.

Luckily, getting dressed in the morning in not as stressful as rock climbing — especially when you can wear a dress to work. Dresses are the best go tos for the office because they can often times be more comfortable than pants and are much more stylish. This dress in particular is a great staple because the black and white pattern goes with any color and any season. For the colder days ahead, I wanted to try wearing my ballet flats with tights. This dress was the perfect opportunity to test out this look because of its simplicity. I love how the contrast of black and pink turned out.

Black or white: MJ tribute and day 15!

This was when I officially got to the bottom of my pile of clothes for the 30 for 30 challenge and it was day 15. So I accomplished my goal of wearing every piece at least once, even though I had to throw all of the black and white colors together at once. I feel like this is my Michael Jackson tribute of the 30 for 30. From this point on it is my strategy to not repeat an outfit I have worn already. Despite the simplicity of this outfit, I always love the clean lines of pairing black and white and having a little fun with that by using a white polka dot bow tie blouse. I love that the bow tie just peaks out of the top of this cardigan. This is definitely something I see myself pairing with a bright skirt in the spring time. Speaking of spring, it has been so warm lately that the hills are alive with music…except that we don’t have hills in Ohio. Despite this heat wave, I couldn’t be more excited by the heavy fabrics and deep colors walking down the runways at Fall 2011 NYC Fashion week. I have been wanting to highlight my favorites, but I have not had time this week, so I might provide an update this weekend. Stay tuned!
BP Nordstrom cardigan; H&M blouse; The Limited pants; Gap ballet flats; Ray Ban Wayfarers, Nars Heatweave, Silver Mine Jewelry; Vintage marquee rhinestone earrings via ebay

Black and White

chanel by The Cosmopolitan Clevelander featuring Forever21

Chanel’s use of black and white is timeless and fashionable, but it is also practical and easy. What in your closet doesn’t go with either black or white? And when I think of a black and white outfit I think of dressy events and sophisticated style. It’s almost impossible to pull out these two colors and not end up with a good outfit. A black and white outfit is also recession friendly because most people already have one in their closet and it is easy to find in stores at any budget.