Neon Stripes

Rocking neon stripes and purple metallic shoes has got to win me some confidence points. I mean who does that? Honestly, the combination didn’t feel too out of place since the shoes have a slightly pinkish tint to them, and I played it relatively safe with the rest of the outfit.  I also love the boxier shape of this sweater paired with the silhouette of skinny jeans. It adds that boyfriend sweater look without making it look too tomboyish. For some reason I have a hard time getting too comfortable for casual Fridays. So instead I usually glam out the look with statement jewelry or a great pair of pumps. I think we used to refer to this as snappy casual back in my sorority days.

Gap sweater, jeans and blouse
Antonio Melani shoes
Michael Kors watch
J.Crew necklace

Navigating casual Friday

For casual Friday at work (everyday), I like to turn to my Forever 21 maxi dress. It is amazingly comfortable, and it is also a great option for any Friday night plans that may come up. Wearing it with a cardi or cover up, to me, makes it work appropriate. Some may disagree, but my office is pretty casual. Some people wear jeans everyday. I choose to dress up during the week, but opt for something casual Friday, which is what the majority of people do. Everyone associates casual Friday with jeans. However, during the recent heat wave (99 degrees) we have been experiencing, jeans might not be the most comfortable option. So I am just curious, what can you get away with at your office? Is it just me, or are policies becoming more relaxed?
Forever 21 dress; J.Crew men’s button down; Sam Edelman sandals; Ray Ban aviators; Vintage, Forever 21, Macy’s, J.Crew jewelry

The origin of gingham discussed

The gingham shirt has become such a common part of the wardrobe vernacular that it would be redundant for me to try to explain its appeal. I actually can’t even think back far enough to remember its origin or who “started it”. I suspect J.Crew due possibly to the influx of folk bands or maybe its attempt to extend the brand to hermit writers who have had to suffer bear attacks and unruly river currents without their lightweight button-down shirt in Van Buren gingham to protect them. So anyways, I tried to contrast the rural vibe of the gingham shirt with skinny black jeggings and mah shiny purple pumps for day 18 of the 30 for 30 challenge. I am a remixing foool!
c/o of Jack Wills button down; c/o of James Jeans Twiggy Black Cat leggings; Antonio Melani pumps; Ray Ban Wayfarers; Francescas necklace

Girly details in the great tundra that is Cleveland…

Ok so this is kind of the look we came up with together last week when I said I wanted to pair this polka dot top with flare jeans. The boots and the sweater kind of take away that 70s feel, but that’s because it was probably one of the coldest days of the year last Friday. I really wanted to see what this shirt would look like tucked into a pair of pants, and it turns out I love it just the same. The polka dots can do no wrong. And a healthy dose of red lipstick doesn’t hurt either. There is just something fun about pairing a big chunky sweater with a feminine little bow tie shirt.
H&M sweater, top, earrings; Gap jeans; Wanted Royalty boots (Piperlime); H&M; Nars Heatwave lipstick

Winter casual Friday

I really like this outfit. The sharp details of the blazer and boots juxtaposed with the cozy winter sweater and jeans combines two of my favorite looks and, unexpectedly, they actually look good together. I wore this on Friday because we had a meeting at work and I didn’t just want to wear jeans. The blazer and boots really added that extra polish to an otherwise casual Friday look.
H&M blazer and earrings; NY&Co sweater; F21 jeans; Franco Sarto boots