Neon, Coral and White

Neon yellow, coral and white is my new favorite color combination. I wore this outfit earlier this spring without the necklace and noticed that something was missing. Neon yellow must be a trend this year because that immediately came to mind. Luckily, I found this chunky statement necklace at Old Navy and was able to complete the idea I had pictured for a Casual Friday look. I wear a light sweater in this picture that might be nice to counter the office AC, but I think a gray t-shirt would be just as work appropriate paired with this blazer and slim cut pants.

Details: H&M blazer / Gap sweater and pants / Old Navy necklace / Payless shoes 

Colored jeans: A nautical take

H&M jacket, pants and shirt / Candies shoes via Kohl’s / Riley necklace / Michael Kors watch
Generally your bottom half does not get a lot of love when it comes to exciting colors. It’s a life of boring blue jeans, black leggings and beige work pants. That is until you purchase a pair of colored jeans. I love them paired with polka dots, I love them paired with brights, I love them in a house and I love them with a mouse… Anyways, I was inspired by fellow Pittsburgh blogger, Stylish White Female, to get a little more nautical by pairing them with a striped t-shirt and a structured white blazer for a casual Friday look at work. How do you wear your colored jeans?

The Chameleon

If the two separates I posted about the other day are an alternative to the typical suit, this must either be the anti-suit or just an example of something further from the classic example of a suit. An even greater alternative? If that term makes sense.
I wanted to use what will be the chameleon of my spring wardrobe, skinny cargo pants, to put together a more casual suiting alternative. I am using a loose interpretation of the word suit: a pair of pants and a jacket.
Let’s talk about the pants. The pants are so fitted and structured that they could almost pass as a dressy pair of olive matchstick pants until you get to the cargo pockets and material.
With that in mind, I went for a jacket and blouse that would not be too great of a contrast for these pants as I wanted the outfit to still have a flow of colors and material. I could have created an even greater contrast and wore these bottoms with a tuxedo jacket and white button down blouse, but that’s not really my style. Although I should probably never completely rule it out as an option.
I paired this outfit with my nude heels mostly because they are new, and I was excited to wear them!
Thrifted Evan Piccone blazer; Marshalls button up; Gap skinny cargo pants (on sale in stores; not online); Candies pumps via Kohl’s (on sale); Ray Ban Wayfarers; Silver Mine jewlery

(Style blogging is not as glamorous as it seems. There is a lot of mud. Especially in Cleveland.)

American aesthetic

This is actually one of my favorite outfits of the whole 30 for 30…so far! I love the way that boxy, menswear-inspired silhouettes look on a feminine figure, and I tried to contrast that with the pony tail and big earrings. I feel like the wide-leg pants with the blazer and crew neck sweater epitomizes looking sharp but leisurely—the traditional American aesthetic achieved by designers like Ralph Lauren, Derek Lam, and Tory Burch. This is also just a fancy way of saying that I can wear jeans to work if I want to.
Thrifted Evan Piccone wool blazer and Ann Taylor shoes ($5); Pendleton wool sweater; Gap jeans; H&M earrings; Ray Ban wayfarers

Preppy twist ice cream

A fun way to mix up your wardrobe is to take your typical style, for me preppy, and add a twist. After all, everything is better with a twist. Tropical Twist gum, Chocolate Malt Twist ice cream, dancing, etc. So for this outfit, I paired this black and white striped tunic with a black blazer, gray booties, and dark jeans. It still has its preppy elements: white button up, striped shirt. But the colors and the style of the booties and jacket are more trendy. J.Crew spokeswoman, Lauren Hutton, wears a somewhat similar outfit for her most wanted list on the retailer’s website.
H&M jacket and tunic; NY&Co blouse; American Eagle jeans; Avalon consignment booties

Winter casual Friday

I really like this outfit. The sharp details of the blazer and boots juxtaposed with the cozy winter sweater and jeans combines two of my favorite looks and, unexpectedly, they actually look good together. I wore this on Friday because we had a meeting at work and I didn’t just want to wear jeans. The blazer and boots really added that extra polish to an otherwise casual Friday look.
H&M blazer and earrings; NY&Co sweater; F21 jeans; Franco Sarto boots