Did You Shop or Not?

So did you do it? I shopped on Friday and picked out a brand new luggage set for a reasonable price as well as a few Christmas gifts. I didn’t really get into the whole clothes shopping craze that I usually do this year. Partially because I can’t keep my mind straight for long enough to even know what I want and partially because I am trying to stay away from impulsive shopping. The whole shop on this specified day but wait to find out what the deals are whether its online or in store does not feel like the best way to shop. I want to take my time and know that I am buying something I really love or really need as opposed to buying something because it is on sale. My mind cant differentiate the two when I am in a time-pressure situation. How about you? Find any good deals?

It’s never too early…

To start Christmas shopping!!! I hate waiting until the last minute to go Christmas shopping. I think it’s so silly to hold off all of that shopping and spending for one month, which is why I try to spread it out and find deals from now until the actual day. While browsing the sale that Old Navy is having right now, I actually picked up my first Christmas present of the year, and it was on major clearance. Today is the last day at Old Navy to get 20% off of every purchase and to take advantage of the many items priced at $16 for their 16-year anniversary sale. Normally I don’t get so excited for Old Navy, but they have some really cute items right now. Like these coats. I just love the puckered collar and bright colors. It also comes in gray and black. They are normally $69.50, but today you would get 20% off. Perfect!