New member reception

Sorry for the weird lighting in these photos. I forgot my camera earlier today, and I had to take them at the art museum while at its new member reception. The museum has been undergoing major renovations over the last 5 years. The East Wing, which contains the impressionist and contemporary art, my favorite, was one of the latest wings to reopen, renovated and better than before. Part of the event included a quick guided tour of the East Wing. We stopped in one of my favorite rooms of the East Wing, the room with all of the Monet’s, Water Lilies being among them. I feel very lucky to live in a city that has a world-renowned art museum.
Forever 21 sweater, dress and leggings; Banyan Tree necklace; Target shoes; Silver Mine watch and bracelet  

Things to do: Cleveland

The Cleveland Museum of Art has been hosting a series of events on Wednesday nights called Art on Tap. A band plays, you can buy food or drinks, and there is usually a theme. The theme of their last event was Bare Essentials. A friend and I went, and we were given a tour of the new East Wing, with a focus on nudity. Cleveland’s claim to fame is the Specer Tunick, pictured above, for which some 3,000 Clevelander’s posed naked. You can see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Key Bank Tower in the background. 

Our tour was guided by a local who owns an art gallery in Tremont and is a physician. I can’t wait for the next Art on Tap.

CMA Spotlight: Lee Friedlander Exhibit

I really enjoyed the Friedlander exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art. I honestly hadn’t heard of the photographer until I saw the exhibit advertised and didn’t know what to expect. Lee Friedlander describes his photography as the American Social Landscape. There is a mix of self-portraits, well known landmarks, everyday life, and even nudes. His shots are interesting and unique like the reflection photo below. Some of the photographs chronicled the development of different industries including in the Cleveland and Pittsburgh area.