Cleveland shopping: My Song

Cleveland has its little pockets of shopping scattered from east to west. One such area on the east side, the DiVine District, near and considered part of Downtown Willoughby, can now boast its first clothing boutique, My Song. I recently interviewed one of the store owners Rebecca MacMillan for an article. Her energy and commitment to the message of the store really drew me in. They have a motto at My Song. “We don’t sell clothes, we sell wardrobe solutions.” Meaning, they aren’t going to sell you another random piece that will sit in your closet. They are going to try to help you buy something that you really love and that you actually need in your wardrobe, which is exactly what I try to achieve when I shop. That often results in, to my boyfriend’s dismay, returns and rethinking of choices. Rebbecca said she will encourage a customer to put a piece back  if they really have to think about it.

I was able to try on some of the incoming merchandise when I was there including this bell-sleeved sweater dress. Rebecca has a good eye for quality unique pieces. She will only buy 4 of each piece so the outfit you buy is completely original. They also have their own line of unique pieces called Luna. Everything is designed and made at the store.

The prices are fair for that kind of personalized boutique experience. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, they will make it for you. My Song, has a great energy and presence in the DiVine District, and I can’t wait to return.

Figwood Launch Party

My friends and I started out the evening at 806 Wine & Martini Bar where we drank mojitos and sampled some of their appetizers such as the Shrimp and Asiago Dip and Bruschetta. We were able to sit on the patio, which turned out to be warm and sunny, even though rain was predicted. This is within walking distance of Banyan Tree if you are ever looking to get drinks after shopping. 

Then we headed over to Banyan Tree to see Figwood. The clothing line seemed to be based on basics with a modern and functional flair of style including both comfortable everyday pieces as well as special occasion wear. Some pieces that caught my eye were the long tank top with flower pin (pictured above) and a bright yellow print halter dress. Each piece seemed to have it’s own unique cut or embellishment.

I especially loved the jewelry which consisted of statement necklaces and eclectic bracelets and earrings. I really loved the leather flower rings.

Pretty girls modeled the clothes.

Here I am in my mom’s dress from the 80s that she said she bought some time after she and my dad got married. I am also wearing an Old Navy Jean Jacket, Charlotte Russe wedges, and my H&M purse.

My purchase of the night was this “Panama” style hat. I am excited to wear it at the beach and as an unexpected accessory with summer dresses. Over all it was a fun event. It’s exciting to have a clothing line produced by local Clevelanders like Christie Murdoch, a successful store owner, and Sara Sandberg. You could definitely say the Banyan Tree is one of those stores that attracts visitors to Cleveland and makes areas like Tremont so unique.

Places to shop: Tremont

I just found a new vintagey clothing shop, right in the Cleveland area, Tremont, to be exact. Tremont is a charming area that has been reinvented with galleries, shops, and some of the best restaurants and bars in Cleveland. It also is home to some very unique and creative merchants such as Lilly Handmade Chocolates, who carries specialty beers and wines in addition to her handmade chocolates. The store owner is in love with the color pink, and if you ever go to her shop you will find several pink piggy banks, not to mention bright pink walls. You never forget a place that sells chocolate and beer, and is completely decorated in pink—great marketing strategy.
Tremont also is starting to become home to some interesting clothing boutiques, including Pinky’s Daily Planner, a handmade clothing collection designed by Stephanie Fralick. It is described on the site as being modern, but if anything the clothing has a vintage flair. It is where I imagine Zooey Deschanel would shop if she lived in Cleveland, and it has a similar style as Anthropologie—and similar pricing. The store has very limited hours: Friday 2 to 9 p.m. and Saturdays 2 to 9 p.m., but you can also visit the store by appointment. And if you can’t make it to the store you can make purchases on the Web site. Here is an idea of what they have: