Crocs and Pavement Day 5

Today is the last day of looks from my photoshoot with Crocs and Pavement. Check back through my other posts to see the rest of the photos.

I thought I’d end the week with my favorite outfits, these dresses and boots. Like I said in my last post, these sleek Crocs ankle booties look marvelous with a dressier outfit. This black smock dress has a wonderfully playful look about it with its gathering at the top and bell sleeves. The pattern has such a nice vintage flair to it. Even though this dress is more modest the boots kick it up a notch.

Crocs Avalita in Black
Pavement dress and belt 
Makeup and Hair by Sarrah Beyer of Esbi International Salon & Spa
Photography by Chris Hooton
Last Photo by Chaz Balasakis

I love the silhouette these black boots create with black leggings. They look so chic with this gorgeous purple dress. The ruffle spilling over the belt is extremely flattering. The whole ensemble is girly with an edge.

Crocs Exitosa Boots in Black
Pavement dress, belt and hat

Makeup and Hair by Sarrah Beyer of Esbi International Salon & Spa
Photography by Chris Hooton

Special thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to help with this photoshoot, especially Justinea Vidic of Crocs who made this all possible. Thanks for everything!

Crocs and Pavement Day 4

For the rest of the week I will be posting looks from my photoshoot with Crocs and Pavement with Pittsburgh as our backdrop. Check back throughout the week for more updates.

In areas like Pittsburgh and Cleveland, a winter coat is a wardrobe staple from end of October to Early April. Considering how often we don our coats, I believe they are just as important as any other piece of clothing when it comes to establishing individual style. That is perhaps why Pavement has such a great selection. The plaid pattern of this coat has a vintage feel to it. It reminds me of a Christmas Story because it looks like the kind of warm and practical coat that would be worn in the 1940s but with great stylistic details. I love the double brass buttons and the large collar that you can pull up over your ears when the winter winds start to pick up.

Pavement coat and hat
Crocs Cobbler High Boot in Chestnut

If you have a good utilitarian coat you also need a dress coat. Like I said, we take our coats seriously. The ruffle on Sarrah’s coat is adorable. A white coat is so bright and crisp even on the dreariest of winter days. The best part is that this coat can be worn for special occasions or just running around town. This pair of Crocs ankle booties also can be worn with jeans or for work especially if your job requires business casual dress but you still do a lot of walking. These booties will keep your feet warm, dry and most importantly they are comfortable.

Pavement coat and hats
Crocs Avalita in Chocolate
Crocs Umbrella in Berry
Crocs Umbrella in Navy  

Makeup and Hair by Sarrah Beyer of Esbi International Salon & Spa
Photography by Chris Hooton