Crushing on Etsy

Just some stuff that I have been crushing on lately via Etsy. The cutting board or dish would be cool, unique wedding gifts if you have any left this summer. Isn’t the starry sky painting pretty? I wouldn’t mind staring at it on my wall every night.

Mahogany cutting board made of reclaimed wood., $60.00

Night sky oil painting, $85

Deep Dish Baker, $42

Lady like inspiration

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve ogled gorgeous blouses, vintage jewelry, and knee-length skirts. Lady like week is over, but it will not soon leave my memory. A little dramatic, I know, but this is a trend that I feel will repeat itself time and time again, and one that I will probably keep attempting to achieve long after we have moved onto something else less characteristic of my style such as minimalism. So I am leaving you with some runway images to inspire. Keep it classy ladies!

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Etsy hunt: Mad Men inspired

Whenever I watch Mad Men, I am especially infatuated with the details of the set, the clothing, and the music, used to create the mood and feeling of the time period. I kind of wish I could turn my office into a retro 1960s office. And by office, I mean cubicle. Etsy is a treasure trove of vintage office supplies and clothes. Here are some things I found:

No office is complete, without some accessories for the bar.

And it would be pretty nice if every 1960s vintage office came with its own Don Draper.

Sorry to plug this so much, but there is some stiff competition out there. You can vote once a day for my Mad Men look, here.

Thank you!

I just want to say thank you to my friends and family for all of their b-day wishes and gifts. I had a great weekend with the boy who surprised me with a gift that I featured here on the blog and some really cute clothes that will eventually appear on the blog including a ruffly romper. And thanks for all of your birthday wishes! I certainly have had a lot to be thankful for these past 25 years.

Etsy Find: Black Satin Shoes

Black Satin Shoes is an Etsy shop that I have recently discovered. Chante makes and sells headbands, hair and shoe accessories, and jewelry. The pretty flowers, peacock feathers, and bows all encompass this cute, girly vintage look that I love. And it is all really affordable.

Chante took the time to answer some questions for me:

CP: Is this your full time job?
BSS: My full time job is gong to school but Etsy does take more time since its just little ol’ me making everything. It actually brings in more money than when i was working so in a way it is my job.

CP: What inspires your designs?
BSS: I find inspiration everywhere! Lately whenever I see gardens I think of tons of new hair accessories that i want to make for spring.
Shoes really inspire me. I either want to make shoe clips to go with a certain style or make shoe clips based off a certain style. Its my obsession right now.

CP: How long have you been doing this?
BSS: I have only been doing this for a year. I just had my one year anniversary with Etsy on the third of this month, but October is when I really had my shop fully representing me so it took a while to get it going.

Thanks Chante! Visit Black Satin Shoes for more.