Wild for Fox Jewelry

The last wearable animal motif I owned was probably a cat sweater. I know, I wouldn’t be friends with me either. But after seeing this Burberry fox ring, my love of whimsical animals was turned on once more, and I have been obsessed with finding a more achievable option. Luckily, any one of these regal pieces would pair well with rich fall colors and fabrics. Looks like I’m in the lion’s den no more…

Wear to Work Fall Trend: Jewel Tones

Details: Max Studio skirt via TJ Maxx / Ralph Lauren shirt and Jones New York Sandals via Avalon / Michael Kors watch (gift) /  Ray Ban wayfarers via Amazon gift card / Forever 21 earrings

The boyfriend and I went to the farmer’s market today. Sad to say it was the first time I went all summer. A burger from one vendor plus lemonade from another made quite a tasty dinner while sitting on a grassy hill. My boyfriend took these photos afterwards and he said they look cute. So I think I am going to take his word for it. I got this skirt just recently from the Maxx. The jewel tone color will be great for fall paired with black tights and a sweater. I couldn’t wait that long to wear it so I styled it with this blue and white striped button down, brown sandals and chunky watch. What do you think? What styles for fall are you wearing now?

This should be an out take, but I think it is too funny. Someone is having a diva moment.

Peplum Top and Leopard Print Heels

Details: Hearts top  via TJ Maxx / Thrifted vintage United Colors of Benetton skirt via Avalon / Nine West pumps 

Here is my outfit from the Fall Fashion News segment on Fox 8. Dina, Allison, Jessica and I were tasked with wearing what we thought would be the big trends for fall. I was a ball of stress trying to come up with the “perfect outfit” for our TV debut. I ended up changing my outfit after a vintage skirt I purchased on eBay didn’t really turn out. I knew I wanted to wear a work look, like so many of the looks on my blog and peplum tops seemed to be popping up everywhere. I found this one at TJ Maxx for $15! I ended up using one of my own skirts after the vintage skirt debacle. The last touch was the shoes. I couldn’t make up my mind. Luckily, I had a group of fashion bloggers to poll. In the end, I really was happy with my outfit. You can hear more about in our Fox 8 news segment here.

Fall Trend: Smoking Slippers

Top Row: Gap Calf Hair Loafers / Target Mali Flat / Gap Tassel Loafers
Bottom Row: Nine West Panto / Asos London Rebel Snake Slipper / Steve Madden Croquet House Shoes

The smoking slipper, usually reserved for old rich men who have a butler and a couple horses, is having a bit of a moment. It started in spring and it’s clear now that the aristocratic flat is moving right on into fall. The charmingly disarming prints and stately design have me obsessed. The more eccentric the better. Think Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  I bet the pink ones taste like snozberries.

Striped Cardigan and Polka Dot Blouse

Details: H&M blouse / TJ Maxx cardigan / Sears pants / Nines West shoes / Ray Ban wayfarers (Purchased with an Amazon gift card) / Michael Kors watch (gift)

I’m getting to that point when everything in my summer wardrobe is starting to feel blah and old. Introduce some of my lesser worn wardrobe items. This polka dot blouse is one such item. It’s a little too big so I have a hard time styling it. I decided to deploy a fall trend — mixing prints — and at the same time hide the bagginess of this blouse with this new striped cardigan I picked up at the Maxx. I originally pictured this outfit with colorful skinny pants, but when I tried it with these navy blue trousers, I ended up liking the way the different blues looked together.

In other news, I have been studying for my GMAT and relearning math skills I haven’t used in a good 6-7 years. Yay for being a writer! 

Maxi skirts for Fall

I fell in love with the maxi dress as a summer staple, and now I absolutely adore maxi skirts for this time of year. They go hand in hand with the romance and richness of fall, especially the velvet one. Skirts like the one from the Fall 2010 runway of Marc Jacobs and the brown and black dress in the streetstyle shot make me want to trapse around in long skirts and pretty dresses all the time. Wearing a blazer with one of these skirts would be such a chic look for work, while wearing a chunky knit or luxe sweater would be the perfect off-kilter, Alexa Chung-esque look.

Cape town

Every season there is one trend or one item that I can’t live without. I fall deeply and madly in love. This year it is the cape/poncho. I am not sure that you can really tell the difference between the capes and ponchos in some cases, but I don’t care. I love them in every form from the classic plaid to the updated 70s-style camel poncho. If you are like me, then you usually retro-engineer your regular sweaters into capes by taking your arms out of the sleeves and tucking them into the body of the sweater making a cocoon of warmth. The fact that with a poncho or cape I have the option to go sleeveless, makes this process a lot easier. Besides the obvious comfort they provide, there is something very chic about a cape. It’s a little more special and a little more stylish than your regular pea coat or trench. Here are some that I thought looked especially stylish and cozy:

1. Modcloth, The Wanderer Cape, $57.99
2. John Smedley, Camel Ceres Merino Ribbed Cape, $231
3. Cooper and Stollbrand cape, $337
4. Modcloth, Retro Revival Cape, $52.99

Thrifty piece for fall: The airy blouse

You may remember seeing this street style version of the flowy blouse this spring.

Here is a designer variation by Chloe.

Here I am attempting the trend. I am blinded by the sun glare.

One item of clothing that I am excited to transition from summer to fall is the light and airy blouse. I have seen them all summer worn with leather shorts and skirts. For fall, I can see one tucked into a pair of trouser pants for work or belted with a miniskirt and tights for a more relaxed look. I love all of the designer options including those from Chloe and Miu Miu, but the prices don’t really work with my budget. So I did what any thrifty girl could do. I went to Goodwill and picked out a very chic blouse for fall and it was only $5.50. The thrift store has very nice options, but I know how easy it is to be led astray by the hunt of a good bargain. And you don’t want to come home realizing that your budget friendly blouse is actually frumpy and out of date. These rules can guide you to choose something that still looks contemporary even if it’s really something that hasn’t seen the light of day since the Clinton Administration.

1. Don’t be afraid of a simple solid color. A nice bright color is sometimes all you need to make a statement with your outfit. Patterns are fun too and very in right now, but some patterns, especially when looking at the thrift store, will automatically outdate the blouse even if the proportions and fit are really nice. However, use your best judgment because I could see some patterns such as polka dots and stripes being ok depending on your own personal style.

2. Loose is ok but not baggy. I chose a shirt that was a medium because I wanted to have that billowy effect when tucked into pants or a skirt. I am normally a size small so that wasn’t too much of a stretch. Picking out an extra large when you are a small might be a bad idea if you want to wear it as a top. I could see that possibly working out if you were cinching it with a belt and wearing it as a shirtdress. But I would test that out first.

3. Embellishments are good in moderation. I think one embellishment is really cute with these types of blouses. For instance a bow around the collar or a little lace or a ruffle down the middle, but I wouldn’t go for something that has all of these features. Once again this could make the blouse look dated and/or frumpy.