US Figure Skating

I am going to be a big dork and talk about figure skating for a second so bare with me. I was happy to find out that American Evan Lysacek beat Russian Yevgeny Plushenko. The last American man to win an Olympic Gold in figure skating was Brian Boitano in 1988. Between then and now, men’s figure skating, just like pairs, has been dominated by Russian skaters so it’s nice to see an American win. There is some controversy over the win because Plushenko landed a quadruple and Lysacek didn’t even attempt one. However, Lysacek skated cleanly and with the whole package. He didn’t only have clean jumps but also tight centered spins, good artistry, and connecting steps. Ever since I was younger and started competing it has always been about the complete package. To me that is classic figure skating. So I think Lysacek’s win was fair. Feel free to put in your two cents over the debate and let me know if you are going to watch the ladies short and free this week.

Got to try it: Modern Family

Modern Family is quickly becoming one of my favorite new shows. After last night’s episode when Jay and Claire reenact their figure skating days by doing their program in the playground, I think I am sold. As a former figure skater, I can tell you that programs are often times practiced off-ice. It has something to do with helping you visualize your program before competition. Whatever it does, you end up looking a little crazy trying to pretend to do spins and crossovers on land. That craziness was achieved on Modern Family last night. Bravo!

U.S. Nationals

Figure skating continued to be a sport that “skates on thin ice” with audiences Saturday night. The skater who won, Alissa Cziny, fell during her freestyle program. This was not a favorable outcome to many who were watching, but what people continue to forget is that the short program and the freestyle program scores are combined for a total score. So, really, it is entirely possible to have a bad skate and win the entire competition if at least one of your programs is flawless.
The judges could have given Cziny a lower score based on her freestyle performance, making her second or third even with the combined score, however, and this is why the sport might be losing popularity. The judges seemed to act on the knowledge that Cziny is a better skater in most instances and will be the best representative of the United States at Worlds. She may be closest to that complete package that Michelle Kwan had.
While artistry is just as important as the technical part of a program, at Worlds, it may come down to the jumps and if Cziny can’t be clean, there will be no saving her by the judges. Rachel Flatt who placed second also will be going to Worlds.