Black Magic

I recently saw some bloggers in a campaign for Gap’s black pants. I replaced my black pants with a pair from the Gap when they were having a 50% off sale over the summer. I have been wearing Gap’s pants since high school when I got a pair that had a zipper in the back and no pockets—so sexy! So for round 2 I wanted to make sure I bought a pair that I would really love. In the dressing room I must have tried on every style—curvy, straight, flare, and bootcut. I also tried on a couple of different sizes in these various styles. Let’s just say I was in there for a while. I left the store satisfied with my bootcut black pants. I like the silhouette this style creates the most and this was also the style that fit my body the best. A good pair of black pants can be worn with practically anything and is a must have in any closet.
H&M sweater and earrings; Gap pants; Ann Taylor vintage thrifted loafers; Macy’s bracelet

Oh and I made sure these pants passed the butt test. They look neither stretched nor too loose in this area.

Ode to Kate Spade

Hopefully this doesn’t come off as supercilious, but this look makes me think of a Kate Spade ad. I can’t say that I was directly thinking of Kate Spade when I put this outfit together, but the classic black pants and heels with the bright pop of color and stripes are undoubtedly similar to the playful chic balance that Kate Spade strikes. I absolutely adore the ruffle collar of this blouse, and up until this point, I had a hard time pairing it with the cardigans in my closet because they were either cropped or not meant to be worn with a long sleeve shirt. Not to mention the blouse is loose fitting so it was hard to layer something over it. I had originally purchased this blouse on major clearance from Gap and didn’t really think of its drawbacks. This peach cardigan with plenty of room for layering was the perfect match! I guess that just means that you can never have too many cardigans.
NY&Co. cardigan; Gap blouse; James Jeans Twiggy Black Cat jeggings; Nine West shoes; J.Crew jewelry; Worthington pearl earrings
P.S. Thanks for all of the love yesterday on my 1,000 post! 

Runway inspired: Graphic plaid

I have a serious love affair with this dress from Prada’s Fall 2010 collection. I love the 50s-style full skirt mixed with the more modern graphic plaid and cutouts. Because of my 7th grade crush on this dress, it’s on my mind all the time, which is possibly why I am seeing it in every plaid dress or skirt I see. Despite the fact that nothing will be the same as the actual dress, I am really digging the graphic plaid print of this Gap skirt. But the search continues for something that incorporates that gorgeous petticoat of a skirt. 

(Prada image from

Workwear: Navy blue and red

With fall right around the corner, I feel the need to create very classic outfits. Navy blue and red are great at fulfilling that need. The brown leather accessories really compliment that fall feeling. I can’t wear these shoes enough. I was so happy to find them at Goodwill. I purchased these and a navy blazer for a total of $5.
The Limited blouse; Gap skirt and belt; Ann Taylor shoes, thrifted

Fall shopping guide: Jackets part 1

Now that it’s September and we are weeks away from the official start of fall, I’m starting to feel it. I saw a Halloween City open up next to my gym this morning, and I couldn’t be more excited. What kind of fashion enthusiast am I? I get excited about pop-up Halloween stores. Or maybe that just proves how bad my retail addiction is? Anyways, I thought I would post some shopping guides with my favorite fall clothes. First up are jackets. I love everything about military-inspired jackets. The zippers, the gold and brass buttons, the fabrics. Nothing is easier then throwing one over a summer dress and heading out the door. Next, the gray blazer. This is one of my favorite neutrals to layer over dark purple and pink jewel tones. I especially love the soft knit gray blazer from Banana Republic. It looks so soft. And, finally, the navy blazer. It instantly makes me think of fall because of the start of school and it’s scholarly look. And it’s such a nice compliment to the traditional rich colors of fall. One through 9 are some of my favorite retail brands that you can find at most malls and 10 through 18 may be a little harder to find/afford, but luckily Cleveland has its own Saks Fifth Avenue. I will be posting part 2 of my favorite jackets for fall next week. So stay tuned. Happy shopping! 

1. J.Crew Waxed army jacket, $148
2. Loft belted military jacket, $89.50
3. Loft Twill cropped military jacket, $59.99
4. Solid knit Thandie Blazer, $148
5. Banana Republic Eva blazer, $150
6. Delia’s Paxton tweed blazer, $59.50
7. J.Crew Navy school boy blazer, $188
8. Gap Lightweight wool blazer, $98
9. Urban renewal vintage boys blazer, $48

10. 3.1 Phillip Lim military jacket, $298
11. Marc by Marc Jacobs Uniform Jacket, $298
12. Rag & Bone Military Jacket, $475
13. 3.1 Phillip Lim Jersey blazer, $395
14. Alice + Olivia Peplum blazer, $440
15. Marc by Marc Jacobs Herringbone blazer, $428
16. Smythe blazer, $262.50
17. Rag & Bone Nancy blazer, $329
18. Aubin & Wills blazer, $202.50