Bossypants discussion: 50-150

Hello Bookclub! Long time no see. To lead the discussion on pages 50-150, I have passed the baton on to my good friend and former college roommate, Rosanna. See what she has to say about Bossypants after the jump:
So let’s pick up the conversation with Tina climbing Old Rag Mountain and getting a job at the YMCA (which just goes by the Y now a days– fun fact). Did anyone go Google “Robert Wuhl” like I did? (definitely not who I thought he was).  As the book goes on I continue to love Fey’s one liners; they are subtle enough that if you blink too quickly you might miss them. Any book clubber have a favorite so far? (in this section I laughed out loud at: “I was right, by the way. He was for dudes.” pg 59) 

Throughout these two sections we obviously start to learn more about Fey’s life. I wonder why she chose the seemingly random story of climbing Old Rag Mountain with HRW and Jess-Chriss and then go into a great detailed illustration of her time at the YMCA? I felt that Old Rag Mountain was a hilarious piece which could be considered filler whereas the YMCA gave a glimpse into how she found her way to Second City.  This takes us back to Christina’s point about a memoir… I expect longer detailed stories in a memoir but definitely expect short hilarious stories like HRW in a comedy book alluding to someone’s life.  The more you read this book the more difficult it becomes to classify it into one category. Anyone agree or disagree?

I loved reading about her start at Second City and how she worked with Amy Poehler (one of my favs); I didn’t know they knew each other before SNL (sorry, out of the loop). Fey’s Rules of Improvisation on pages 84-85 made me want to do improve!!! It sounds so fun. I also loved the quick few sentences Fey throws in about career advice to women. I think as I look back on what I’ve read in the book she does throw out some great life lessons even if she doesn’t clearly red flag them.  Anyone gain anything from her outwardly haphazard points?

Fey’s honeymoon with her husband she calls Barry (or Lee), for legal reasons, taught me two things: When I finally go on a cruise I will not say “bravo, bravo, bravo” and Fey is as funny in real life as she is on television. The part about “Titantic” at the end of the chapter- she is just naturally funny.

The next few sections discuss beauty secrets and once again I felt like it was just randomly thrown in. I laughed throughout (“The Three Secrets of Great Skin are Moisture, SOOTS (Stay Out of the Sun), and Be Italian.” pg 104) but again if you went into thinking it was a memoir you probably were like: umm Tina why does this matter? Or maybe not- what are your thoughts book club readers??

Then finally we have arrived at her time with SNL. As someone who enjoys SNL and loved the cast when Tina was a member, this section was wonderful to read.  It was interesting to me to read the behind the scenes aspects of what it’s like at SNL. Book clubbers- did you think Fey focuses more on the story in this section rather than being funny? I definitely enjoyed reading this section, like I said, but to me it wasn’t as overtly funny as the previous 100 pages.

I think I will stop with this… Anything else strike you throughout the past 100 pages?