Hawaiian Crock Pot Chicken

As far as New Year’s resolutions are concerned it’s the second week of 2012 and I have stuck to making one new recipe a week. Two recipes! Impressive right? This week I wanted to test drive the new crock pot, a Christmas gift from Mom and Dad. Thanks again guys! I decided to make this Hawaiian Crock Pot Chicken recipe I saw on pinterest. The blog post has since been taken down, but there are only three ingredients: 1 bottle of Archer’s Farm Hawaiian Style BBQ sauce from Target, 4-6 chicken breasts and 1 can of diced pineapple. Put the chicken in the crock pot, top with the pineapples and then the barbecue sauce and cook on low heat for 6-8 hours. According to the original blog post you can put the chicken in frozen. I partially defrosted mine but next time I think I will put it in completely frozen because from the time I leave for work to the time I get back, it  has been more than 8 hours. I could not find the Archer’s Farm barbecue sauce at my Target so I substituted it with another brand. I would like to try that some time. The chicken comes out juicy and tangy and I love the sweet pineapples as a compliment.