Halloween and Fall Decor

Every year I feel like the fall/Halloween season comes and goes so quickly that I don’t really have time to enjoy it. That’s why you’ll see a combination of fall and Halloween decorations throughout my apartment. In an attempt to stop acquiring so much stuff, I’ve stopped buying new Halloween decorations. What I have is sufficient for our charming little apartment. Every year, I deck out our mantle with these quirky pumpkin lights and my jack-o-lantern friend. As far as fall decorations go, I try to stay as natural as possible, buying gourds and dried leaves. I place them in bowls, atop books, and throughout the apartment as decoration. Cute decorative books like the ones below are fairly easy to come by. I bought mine for $2 each at a library book sale. I picked them because I like their color scheme, when paired together, and the titles. I found the dried leaf wreath at Trader Joe’s. How are you decorating this year?

Lake Erie Design Co.

Nothing adds personality and story to your home like a good handmade print, especially when your cousin made it. I couldn’t be more proud of my cousin Nikki for pursuing her passion and starting Lake Erie Design Co., a Cleveland-based paper goods and gift shop. Like the Drop in the Ocean Indigo print you see above, she has found her inspiration in the natural world, which results in dream-like designs grounded in the ordinary and everyday beauty of a cresting wave or spindly succulent. If you like her prints as much as I do, you should also check out her journals, calendars, and greeting cards. The cards are like works of art, perfect for marking special occasions you’ll want to commemorate for years to come. You can shop her store here, show her love on Instagram, and visit her at various arts and craft fairs, including the October 13 Cleveland Flea Market.

Touches of Spring

Despite what the weather is doing right now, I decided to get my apartment ready for spring with a few simple and inexpensive touches. I made this spring wreath for about $15 with a Grapevine Wreath ($5) and two Hydrangea Stems ($5) from Michaels.

I bought these tulips ($5) from Trader Joe’s and wrapped some extra ribbon I had around the vase. I love the combination of white, green and pink.

I cut apart a small flower stem from Michael’s ($1.19) and plopped the stems in different colored mini vases.

How are you decorating for spring? 

Halloween decorations: Your first place

I used to love decorating for Halloween. When I was younger, that involved plastering some pretty old-school paper decorations to our front window. I actually wish I had some of those decorations with me at my new place. But the beauty of having your first place is that you get to start accumulating your own collection of holiday decorations. Not wanting to break the bank on my first holiday, I started out small. I think I was able to restrain myself well, but I will still have a good base to start with for next year. Here is my little guide to Decorating Your First Place for Halloween.

1. Mini-Pumpkins: I bought mini pumpkins and spread them around my book case. 

2. Cobwebs: This is an easy and cheap way to add a little mystique to your Halloween decor. Yes. I have all  of the Harry Potter books.

3. Unique finds: I found this Boo sign at an apple farm that also sells home goods. I love how the cursive writing and stripes makes it look like just another piece of the decor, but when you look closer it has cute Halloween message.

4. Lights: Strands of Halloween lights or a light-up pumpkin like this one will instantly make you think of Halloween. Candles would be fun too.

5. Door wreath: This wreath looks like it could have been made from branches and leaves from my backyard, which are some of my favorite natural decorations.

6. Pumpkin and Mums: You can’t decorate for Halloween without a pumpkin on your porch. And nothing looks classier than a set of Mums on your front porch.

An object of beauty

I am currently enjoying one of my Christmas gifts, “An Object of Beauty” by Steve Martin. It’s the story of a girl fresh out of college navigating the art world of New York City from inside the walls of Sotheby’s. You are given the insiders view you always wanted of the glamorous life of art buyers and sellers. An educational anecdote about every piece is like a bonus as well as images of the actual pieces included in the pages. It’s like Art History class without the required memorization of dates. The main character eventually becomes fascinated, almost obsessed, with buying and owning a few extravagantly expensive paintings herself. It’s like the game you play after walking the galleries of an art museum, “Which one would you take home?”, but for real.

Personally, I like owning recreations of some of my favorite pieces. From trips to art museums in different cities, I have picked up small recreations of Monet and Klimt—two of my favorite artists. However, sometimes these small printed recreations lack something—a hand touch. So when I was recently contacted by CheapOilPainting.com, I was more than excited to talk about their services. Their Oil Painting Reproductions are guaranteed to be painted 100% by hand. Currently, readers of the Cosmopolitan Clevelander can get 15% off a purchase by using the code SAVE15. If you have a room that needs some brightening or an empty wall that needs filling, I hope you can take advantage of this offer. As you browse the selection, please feel free to let me know: “Which one would you take home?” Here are some of my favorites:

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post.