Rent or Buy?

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Did anyone else read this article in the New York Times? Being someone who just started renting for the first time I am interested in the renting versus buying argument. It would be nice to have a place that is all mine. To know that you wouldn’t have to pack up and move every couple of years is a comforting thought. However, I like the flexibility renting provides. You never know where you will end up. It’s very nomadic, which I kind of like. What are your thoughts on this? Do you rent or own? How cute is the studio she ended up with? I think I would be pretty content living in a studio like that in New York City. What about you?

Animal pillows

When I first saw this antler pillow on Habitually Chic, I was so in love with the ski lodge quality of it. Heather Clawson is right. It definitely gives a cozy cabin feeling. And it is so perfect for winter/holiday decor. Then I got this bird pillow as a house warming gift, and I am once again in love with the outdoorsy vibe. I may be outgrowing my love of animal shaped pillows and ditching them for this more adult and classy version. Wouldn’t it make a nice Christmas gift for someone who just moved?

(Top photo by Heather Clawson)

Home inspiration

Heather Balliet is a party and wedding planner. She was featured on Design Sponge for her beautifully designed home. The first thing I notice is that I love how all of the random pieces and decorations go together so well. I read the post further and found out that she keeps one thing from all of the weddings she has planned, which I thought was kind of nifty.

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