Pinterest Party: Beach Mason Jar

I was compelled to host a Pinterest party a few weeks ago because A. I love crafting and needed an excuse to do it and B. Because crafting with friends and wine and snacks is even better! My friends and I made these Beach Inspired Mason Jars we found on Pinterest via the blog A Pumpkin and A Princess. It was actually quite easy to make after we got the hang out of it.

Learn how to make these beach-themed mason jars after the jump…

Mason jar
Modge Podge
Broken seashells or faux rock vase filler

Work in sections. After applying a generous amount of modge podge to one side of the jar, sprinkle or place the broken seashells on that section. Let that section dry face up for 20 minutes before you start working on the next section. The pint-sized jars work well because there is less surface to cover. Don’t worry if there are some gaps here or there. The gaps let the light out. Once it is completely covered and dry, tie the twine in a bow around the mouth of the jar. Place your tea light in the jar and enjoy!

Danish Mid Century Modern Drop Leaf Table

This Danish Mid Century Drop Leaf Table was discovered on my favorite of all days — garbage day! Yes, it’s true, this amazing piece of furniture was left on someone’s tree lawn to be hoisted into a dump truck. The table has two attached leafs that fold out to make a small dining table. Normally, this table would include four fold-up chairs that fit nicely inside the table when the leaves are folded down, however, those pieces were not left out on trash day. I figured this out when I found an image of the table online. When the boy found it, it was in pretty bad shape. It had an ink stain and was really dirty. So he used Howard Restor-A-Finish to clean it up and now you can’t even see the imperfections. I decided to bump it against my couch as a place to display photos and keepsakes like this fan my sister got me when she went to Barcelona. I can’t wait to use the leaves for serving food at parties.

Thanksgiving Decor for Less Than $6

 Next week is Thanksgiving and I realize that most people are pretty stressed out. Out of town guests, feast preparation and Black Friday shopping culminate into a very hectic time. Luckily, I have not reached that stage in my life where I actually have to host Thanksgiving. Everyone in my family should be very pleased about that as I am just starting to learn how to feed myself. However, I did make an effort to get festive where I could around my apartment. I bought this basket for $1.50 at Goodwill and purchased the seasonal potpourri for around $4. This is definitely not centerpiece material. Like I said, I am not there yet. But I do think it would look nice in another room or entranceway if  you want the Thanksgiving theme to carry on throughout your home.