The "Annie Hall" argument

Ladies and gentleman I give you the tapered trouser. I understand that this trend is not for everyone. But for those of us who want to try it, regardless of how bad it looks, can all of you naysayers involve yourself in disliking something else for today? I promise this minor blip on the style frequency is just that, a passing fad. It’s hard enough finding pants that fit well, let alone pants that purposely accentuate the hips and shorten your legs.

The last time I involved myself with tapered pants, I was a Freshman in high school, and I mistakenly chose to wear tapered khaki pants to my first day of high school instead of the more popular skirt that everyone else had chosen. As you can see I am learning from my mistakes. Regardless of how bad I looked then, I actually really like this particular pair I found at Sears. I think if you follow some strict guidelines when choosing your tapered trouser, you may strike gold.

First of all, you need to look for something that is closer to a straight leg cropped pant. The pants don’t have to narrow too dramatically, which is why I think these pants are not terrible. Secondly I think you need to pay attention to the width of the leg hole. If the leg hole is hugging your ankles then you need to say goodbye. But if the leg hole is rolled like this pair and is still wider than your ankle then I think you have a winner. The other reason I like these pants is because they are on the longer side, which means they cut me off at a lower, more narrow part of my leg.  I also chose them in a darker color. Dark colors are slimming, especially black.

Even with all of these conditions met, I have to admit these pants are still not the sexiest things I’ve ever worn, but I like them. They are my Annie Hall moment…quirky, dorky, and cute…however, it’s probably more than just a moment as I have been a dork for as long as I can remember. Writing that in a blog post doesn’t really prove otherwise.
J.Crew cardigan; Old Navy top; Sears pants; Antonio Melani shoes; Banyan Tree necklace; Ray Ban Wayfarers; Nars Heatwave lipstick

Weekend update 30 for 30 challenge

Day 19: Target turtleneck; American Eagle jeans; Banana Republic necklace, Nine West shoes
Day 20: J.Crew cardigan; H&M top: James Jeans; Gap city flats; Nars Heatwave lipstick

Happy Monday all! I hope you have today off from work. I do and I am loving every minute of it. Sleeping in, coffee, and reading my favorite blogs…couldn’t be more perfect. I just wanted to check in with my weekend outfits for the 30 for 30 challenge. I basically lived in skinny jeans so sorry for the lack of variation. I took my first ballet class in years on Friday night and we celebrated my mom and aunt’s (her twin sister) birthday with tacos and birthday sombreros (Vicky Cristina Barcelona soundtrack is great background music for a party). Also, the Oscars are this weekend. I can’t wait for that! I will be posting my ballot for you to see sometime this week, and I would really love it if you could weigh in. And I will be guest posting on another blog so stay tuned for that. Enjoy your week!

My wish list this Christmas!

 It’s about time that I shared some kind of gift guide with you. What better way to share some Christmas gifting guidance than to show you some things that I am wishing for this year.

I love browsing J.Crew’s new Factory shop online. The J.Crew Factory bling-button cardigan ($29.50) looks warm and cozy and is a quality wardrobe staple at the right price.

I absolutely love Nine West’s Masquerade ($39.99) pump. Leopard print anything is probably a good idea this Christmas.

The Limited Statement Sparkle Drops Necklace ($39.90) is perfect for Christmas parties this year and parties for the New Year.

You may have seen NARS Heat Wave ($24.00) featured on the models that wore J.Crew’s Spring 2011 collection. For someone who likes to be ahead of the beauty curve this will be a big color for spring. This color will make the most basic outfit look special.

The original "Sweater girl"

If any of you read the September issue of Vogue (which I am undoubtedly sure that you did), you noticed the entire editorial devoted to sweaters, and specifically a very retro take on sweaters. This particular page caught my interest because this sweater is actually a cardigan worn backwards (J.Crew’s merino-wool cardigan to be specific). I thought that was so creative, and I can’t wait to try it myself it with a pencil skirt I just bought. I also started investigating the actress referenced as the original “Sweater Girl”, Lana Turner, after her debut role in 1937’s They Won’t Forget.

The retro sweater is very curvy, which can be attributed to the infamous bullet bra. No wonder people started referring to her as “Sweater Girl”. 

I never knew much about Lana Turner’s career until I started investigating her on Wikipedia where it said she had a reputation as a “glamorous femme fatale”. This reputation was enhanced by her performance in the film The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946). Her acting career was a successful one, having been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in the movie Peyton Place (1957).

(Top photo scanned from September issue of Vogue, can’t find original sources for Lana Turner photos.)