Getting organized: Jewelry

I have been meaning to organize my jewelry for a long time. Right now gobs of necklaces and earrings are covering space on my dresser that could be utilized in a better way. I am very close to just buying one of these nice organizers from Bed Bath and Beyond.

But when I saw these two lovely bloggers post about their jewelry organization techniques, I thought that maybe I could be a little more creative. I have already eyed the spool holder at Jo Ann’s for Dina’s way. And Tiffany’s framed jewelry is really pretty. This could be recreated using a board and some push pins.

Here Tiffany hangs excess jewelry on a hook in her closet to keep clutter out of view.

How do you organize your jewelry? Do you have a better way?

(Images from I am Styl-ish, by Tiffany and Dina’s Days, by Dina)