Emmys Fave: Julianne Moore

I may not get much support on this one people, but I just love the floor-length, long-sleeve bright yellow Christian Dior dress worn by Julianne Moore at the Emmys tonight. I admit it is a little daring, but I think Moore has the poise and tenacity to pull it off. She did play Sarah Palin and win an Emmy for it after all.

The Kids Are All Right

I saw the The Kids Are All Right over the weekend. It’s the story of two children played by Mia Wiakowska and Josh Hutcherson, who were conceived by artificial insemination, reaching out to their sperm-donor dad, Mark Ruffalo. The mothers, characterized as the control freak (Annette Bening) and the stay-at-home-mom and artsy free spirit (Julianne Moore), struggle to stay on the same page. It is endearing, touching, genuine, and hilarious. I would highly recommend it.

Movie to see this weekend: A Single Man

I loved A Single Man, designer Tom Ford’s directing debut. Colin Firth smartly and convincingly plays a gay man living in the 1960s reckoning with the loss of his lover for whom he can’t mourn openly. It is both sad and beautiful. Tom Ford pulled out all of the stops for his movie debut, with artsy, over-the-top scenes in some instances, which remind you that he is a fashion designer, while some scenes were done with controlled precision and are very effective. One thing that everyone will be able to agree on is that the clothing and set decoration is on par with 1960s LA, and that aspect of the movie is extremely enjoyable to view and feel a part of for an hour and thirty nine minutes. Julianne Moore plays a funny but also tragic and enjoyable character to get to know. Her glam hair, makeup, and clothing are beautiful. They make me want to jump back in time and live in the 60s for a while.