Working girl: Knee-high

I was a little nervous about this one. What do you think? I love the knee-high look but is it too school girlish? I think because the knee-high sock seems to showcase one’s legs so prominently, that maybe they should be paired with an A-line skirt and a looser topĀ instead of my pencil skirt and snug top. So the question is, are knee socks appropriate in the work place? And if not where and how would you wear them?
Zara top; American Apparel skirt; J.Crew knee-high socks; Ann Taylor shoes (thrifted), H&M coat

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Outfit inspiration: Carrie Bradshaw

Since everyone is so excited for Sex and the City 2, I will share some outfit inspiration I found a while ago of Miss Carrie Bradshaw herself. She of course can rock the knee high socks, while I am still waiting for the confidence and the right moment. Please let me know if you figure out when that would be.

(Found at Fashion Champagne)