Fall Trend: Smoking Slippers

Top Row: Gap Calf Hair Loafers / Target Mali Flat / Gap Tassel Loafers
Bottom Row: Nine West Panto / Asos London Rebel Snake Slipper / Steve Madden Croquet House Shoes

The smoking slipper, usually reserved for old rich men who have a butler and a couple horses, is having a bit of a moment. It started in spring and it’s clear now that the aristocratic flat is moving right on into fall. The charmingly disarming prints and stately design have me obsessed. The more eccentric the better. Think Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  I bet the pink ones taste like snozberries.

Hair buns and herringbone

So what do you do when your alarm doesn’t go off and you wake up just with just enough time to drive to work? You quickly shower, throw your hair in a bun, and run out the door. Once I made the decision to style my hair in a bun, it was clear to me that I wanted to wear dangly earrings. I knew that my navy blue blazer and fuchsia sweater dress I chose the night before would go well with these gold peacock earrings. What I ended up loving about the outfit was the way the bun looked with my herringbone winter coat. Sometimes it’s nice to appreciate the little details of an outfit. I feel like buns and herringbone coats qualify as unabashedly prep (also a reference to one of my favorite blogs). I feel like it polishes the whole look and reminds of Natalie Portman running around New York City in her winter coat and ballerina bun in Black Swan. In reference to yesterday’s post, I did not see 127 hours either, but I did see the King’s Speech and loved it. I also saw Black Swan and hope it wins for best picture.
Vix coat via Victoria’s Secret; Kohl’s dress; Thrifted Evan Piccone wool blazer and Ann Taylor loafers; Forever 21 earrings; Worthington navy blue tights; NY&Co sunglasses

Frozen grapes

Coming out of the gates strong on my first day of the 30 for 30 challenge. Purple skirt and purple tights. Insane, right? The button up and the skirt were obvious choices for the wardrobe remix because I have always wanted to wear them together and never had for some reason, and the bright shades just seemed like a fun mix. It’s almost as if I am employing the techniques of color blocking, but the top would need to be solid blue and not patterned.

Honestly, can I tell you what most excites me about this outfit? You’re probably going to laugh, but it’s the tights. For some reason, I find it endlessly amusing that I have grape purple legs in the middle of winter. They are just so bright and colorful against the dismal white background. It’s as if I am taunting the snow with my bright colors. I think that just proves that if I can get that excited about the accessories of an outfit, it is probably a good thing I took this remixing challenge because accessorizing is something I am bad at remembering to do, but the results of which are something that always make me happy. Like the necklace for instance? I kept meaning to wear it with this shirt, but for some reason just never did. Learn something new everyday.
Button down c/o Jack Wills; United Colors of Benneton thrifted pencil skirt; Worthington (JCPenny’s) tights; The Limited necklace; Vintage Ann Taylor loafers

Feeling like a French Gamine

I guess the whole French theme is just going to continue through the week. I had wanted to wear this new t-shirt since my trip to Baltimore, where I picked this up at the Loft on major clearance. It clings to the body in that perfect way, but is still loose and casual, and I love the sequin detail in the pocket. (I am really loving Loft’s bedazzled t-shirts and tanks.) I kept imagining it tucked into this skirt, and when I started accessorizing with the striped scarf, bun, and red lipstick, the French-Girl look just happened. I know I have worn similar outfits as this one, but there is something so chic about a simple white t-shirt and red lipstick.
(Loft top, H&M skirt and scarf, Vintage Ann Taylor loafers, Vintage earrings-bought on Ebay for $3)

My inner French Gamine

Workwear: Navy blue and red

With fall right around the corner, I feel the need to create very classic outfits. Navy blue and red are great at fulfilling that need. The brown leather accessories really compliment that fall feeling. I can’t wear these shoes enough. I was so happy to find them at Goodwill. I purchased these and a navy blazer for a total of $5.
The Limited blouse; Gap skirt and belt; Ann Taylor shoes, thrifted