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Haha, I am loving the polaroids of Marisa Tomei and Jason Schwartzmen for Band of Outsiders. Schwartzmen is truly hilarious.

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Would you buy the crypt next to Marilyn Monroe?

The California garage sale sounds like fun!

The review is out on the September Issue.


The Wrestler

Wrestling has always been fake, but no one has ever done a movie about that bringing it into the realm of real, as far as I know. Everything in this movie shows the reality of wrestling from the wrestlers discussing what they are going to do before a show to the drug-taking washed-up character Mickey Rourke plays. The story is about a wrestler who is making a come back and Rourke’s first starring role in a movie since who knows when is nothing short of a parallel. His only friend, a washed-up stripper, is played by Marisa Tomei. His estranged daughter is played by Evan Rachel Wood. For old wrestler enthusiasts, this movie will give a feeling of nostalgia. For everyone else, Mickey Rourke does a great job and director Darren Aronofsky continues to do a good job portraying pain.