Men’s Style: Goodwill

Congratulations to Kelly who won the tickets to the Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show! 

I’ve been back to Goodwill a few more times since my first shopping trip for the show. My biggest challenge so far has been trying to find a “modern” pair of men’s pants in both the right length and waist size.

My friend who is modeling in the show was very patient with me as I texted him pictures of men’s pants from the Goodwill dressing room. Our conversations went like this:

Me: “Do you think this pant leg looks a little wide?”
My Friend: “Don’t you think with the recent trend in slim leg pants?”

Let’s just say the pants I was asking him about were not very stylish.

Luckily, I found a pair of pants that I think have a modern look and are the right size. After sharing the pants saga with my boyfriend, he suggested enlisting the help of a tailor. Find a pair of pants that fit in the waist — a tailor can’t make pants bigger — and have them taken in or hemmed. Lesson learned!

What tricks have you learned for shopping at Goodwill?

To see all of my looks, buy tickets for the Goodwill Good Style Show at Living Social. The show takes place at 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 7 at Windows on the River

Men’s Style: Age difference

Aren’t these images from this New York Times article funny? The article makes the claim that an affluent older man is more likely to be dressed down than his younger, poorer counterpart. Very interesting. I know a few young men myself who love to break out the elaborate vests and sweaters. A Continuous Lean today, features a Marlon Brando LIFE archive as he prepares for his role in, “The Men”. Although he may be more relaxed here because of the role he is preparing for, I think style back then was just more simple anyways.

New J.Crew Men’s Shop: New York

I have more men’s style to report on, and better yet my favorite men’s (and women’s) clothing store, J.Crew. A Continuous Lean has taken a very “detailed” look at the newest J.Crew Men’s Shop in New York, and I would advise checking it out. I don’t mean to sound vulgar, but the pictures will leave you hankering for a man in an italian wool suit—what?

Photo from the J.Crew Web site.

Men’s style: Swim shorts

I think I am going to delve into men’s style for once. At least my boyfriend (probably the only man who reads this that is not gay) will get a break from the girly daydreams and dress ideas. JCrew aficionado found this on Men’s Style. I think these are pretty cool as far as men’s swim wear. They aren’t your basic tropical pattern nor your favorite beer label.