Mom and Me Mani Day

(Photo by Brian Norcross)

In August, we celebrated the nuptials of my little sister and her long-time boyfriend. Our family has had the chance to really get to know her now husband and it was such a happy day for all of us to see them take the next step in their lives together. In the months leading up to the wedding, there was much planning, list making, bow tying, favor making, and bachelorette partying. By the time we got to the wedding weekend all the lists were checked and it was time to gather as a family and celebrate.

The day before the wedding, I got the chance to spend some time with my Mom. She is the type of person who puts everyone else’s needs before her own. She made an appointment to get her hair done the day of the wedding, but she had neglected to schedule a manicure for herself. So during the few hours of calm we had on the day before the wedding, my mom and I sat outside and listened to the radio while I gave her a manicure. It was nice to treat my mom especially since she is always going out of her way to do thoughtful things for us.

I was reminded of this day, when I read about Julep’s “Mom and Me Mani Day”. The idea being that you get a manicure with your mom and spend some quality time together before the business of the school year and soon the holidays take over.

Since I was wearing a berry dress for the wedding, I wanted to go with a pale pink to compliment that deep color. My mom wore a light pink dress, so she kept it classic with light pink nails. Now that we are getting close to fall, I am looking for some richer colors. Julep has a lot of unique nail colors to choose from. I especially like Anisa and Angelica for something different.

Do you have a back to school ritual you share with your Mom or your kids? If not, a “Mom and Me Mani Day” might be in order.

Fun-in-the-sun Package!

When I received this recipe for a cucumber foot mask from Glamour, I thought of a great gift idea for my sisters (they both have birthdays in January). I found a cute pair of sandals (they are on sale now), a bright nail polish, and put this homemade foot mask in Ball Jars and tied on the ribbon. I call them Fun-in-the-sun packages to help deal with the snowy, gloomy weather. They may not be able to use the sandals right away, but they can make their feet sandal ready with the foot mask and nail polish. I just used the leftovers of the foot mask and it makes your skin feel nice and soft.

Pink lips for spring

Just as I was getting settled and confident in my red lipstick, I saw this image of pink lipstick on this is glamorous. I like the pop for spring, and it could be a nice change of pace when I am not wearing my bright red lipstick and need to make my lips match bright spring outfits. I was trying to figure out what to pair it with and saw that some of the trends in nail polish for spring included some muted colors like mint and nude. These colors might be subtle enough to wear with this challenging color to coordinate. What do you think? Essie mint candy apple, $8

American Apparel Mouse, $6

Jade has met its match

Remember my post a little while ago about Chanel’s nail color Jade? It is completely sold out and even if it wasn’t, I don’t know if I would want to spend the $27 to get it. So I searched high and low for a cheaper alternative. And a few weeks ago when I was getting my hair cut I found the perfect match at my hair salon, OPI’s Gargantuan Green Grape. At $9 this is much more affordable and it is basically the same mint green color. 

Packing for a beach vacation

I am going on vacation next week, and I hate packing. I am the chronic overpacker. I can never resist the urge to bring something I know I wont use. Here are some things I know I need and some tips on where you can buy similar items. Where do you buy your summer basics? Or that perfect summer dress? These are the bare essentials, and I know I don’t need to pack much else besides variations of these things.

This is the summer tote I have been bringing along with me for the past couple of summers. I have no idea where it is from because it was a birthday gift, but I love it.

I love any kind of coral nail polish. This is from essie’s spring line. It’s called One of a Kind and is $8.00.

Although I did not purchase any shoes from Steve Madden for the summer, I was impressed with their selection and pricing. This gold sandal is on sale for 39.95.

I honestly don’t know where you are supposed to buy cover ups. I always look at Marshalls or TJ Maxx, but by the time I do, which is usually in June, they look picked over or really cheap. This year I was determined to find one that resembled the terry cloth Juicy Couture variety. At $35 it was a little pricey, but I had tried every other possible discount source and could not find one I liked. I am happy with this one from Victoria’s Secret. The material is durable, and it is the right length and color.

For bathing suits I sometimes like Victoria’s Secret, but you have to be careful about ordering things that may look like they have cheap detailing. Something basic like this is a safe bet. The top is on clearance for $6.99 and the bottoms are $5.99.

Basics like this one are easy to stock up on at Forever 21’s prices($6.80). They also have the longer length, which means after the beach they can paired with skinny jeans or leggings. And they have a more interesting cut like this racerback scoopneck.

For dinner at a nice restaurant or just for wandering around a city during a muggy summer night, I like J.Crew for their lightweight, colorful summer dresses.

(Top photo via flickr)