NYC Spring 2010 Day 8

Just some of the looks I liked from the last day of New York Fashion Week. Ralph Lauren had some great newsy looks with caps and trousers; Isaac Mizrahi’s looks were all dramatic but in good taste and very interesting; Calvin Klein was void of color, flowy, and feminine; and Tommy Hilfiger had the standard sporty, nautical appeal. Have a great weekend!

NYC Spring 2010 Day 7

Tory Burch had girly spring floral patterns, classic shapes such as a Chanel-esque skirt suit turned pink and black paired with a loose gray t-shirt, and a black leather mini-skirt with a mom- blouse and edgy denim jacket. The snakeskin shirtdress was fun.

Oscar de la Renta had very lacey wonderful things. I loved the blue silk dress paired with the red bowler hat and belt. I loved the poufy, chiffon, blue and white skirt paired with a bright blue bag and white jacket. I also loved the off the shoulder black and white striped sweater, blue trouser shorts, and blue bowler hat. The evening wear was as expected fantastic ruffles, colors, and draping.
Michael Kors had some sexy cutout swimwear, a cute black and white shift dress, and some simple use of color and shapes per usual.

Proenza Schouler had a great tailored blue jacket, leather bow tied miniskirt with sunglasses and a loose halter that gave off this cool west coast vibe, and a mixing and matching of tie die and floral miniskirts that was kind of cool.

Anna Sui had this fantastic 60s thing going on and I loved it; long hair lace up boots and beautiful flower patterns and dresses. I love the preppy sweater vest and blouse with trouser shorts. There was also some cool military detailing and crazy patterns that reminded me of Willy Wonka.

NYC Spring 2010 Day 6

Vera Wang had beautiful silk dresses and tulle overlays paired with gorgeous crystal statement necklaces. Grays, silvers and blacks were dominant here.

Badgley Mischka also used black and white together very well. Pops of coral were dropped in as well as gold and turquoise accents and jewelry. Swimwear and dresses were very casual and comfortable but sexy.

Rodarte had distressed pieces with strips of material arranged interestingly. There was something celtic about it.

Max Azria had many plain pieces accentuating color, shapes, and cutouts.

Day 5 NYC Spring 2010
Day 5 was one of my favorites especially with pieces from Marc Jacobs and Donna Karan.

Jill Stuart was studded, spandexy and short. It was hard to pick out a favorite. The touches of the eighties were not my favorites and despite having an original twist at times the looks did nothing aesthetically for me.

Zac Posen was martian green with strange lips, hearts, and hands as embellishments. Other colors including hot pink were mixed in making it look either like a character out of Willy Wonka or an eighties music video. See-through jackets? Some big prints and color pairings were right on, like the use of pink and orange and the draped evening dresses.

Donna Karan really looked feminine with structured yet flowing materials and shapes.

Thakoon certainly had original pieces: Large graphic prints on geometrical dresses, some scuba-inspired leggings or pants, loose fitting and tight clothes paired together creating interesting shapes. Some of these pieces were not really my cup of tea, but I found some draped dresses and floral prints that appeased my senses.

Marc Jacobs designs looked like visions that were artistic and new drawing upon old, but did not completely suspend reality. Button down blouses were paired with long frilly dresses, frilly dresses with large details and shoulders, and all of it with pale make up and tight ballerina buns. And not to mention one of the most beautiful blue jackets I have ever seen. I have never loved a shade of blue more.

Spring 2010 Day 4
Diane Von Furstenburg, DKNY, Herve Leger, and Derek Lam

I feel like I am repeating myself because this day is like any other full of tribal prints with embellishments, navy blues and reds, brights and patterns, bold prints and polka dots, stripes….etc. There is a difference in the form and execution here that has my heart aflutter. So far this is my favorite day.

On the street: NYC

I have been very, very busy this weekend, so I haven’t had a chance to update on Fashion Week. Running in Race for the Cure took a lot out of me, but I was able to beat my goal and ran it in 30 mins. Yay! I will be posting my favorite looks from the New York runways this week.

The Sartorialist caught this lovely girl in NYC with the perfect walk, perfect look.

NY Fashion Week

On a lighter note, New York Fashion Week has begun. It’s an exciting time. Designers are once again faced with the problem of a strained economy not only theoretically but a reality for some. People are definitely looking for quality, long lasting items of clothing and fewer of them. It will be interesting to see what walks down the runway.

(Find this photo and others at Fab Sugar)