Cheap and Easy Patriotic Work Look

Old Navy top / thrifted Evan Piccone blazer / Loft skirt purchased with Legacy Village gift card / thrifted Jones New York shoes / J.Crew necklace / Ray Ban wayfarers / JCPenny purse

I wish I could say that I planned this rather patriotic outfit, but it was really the result of me needing to put together an outfit for work this morning that was easy. The long weekend had taken its toll with a busy schedule of events including a bachelorette party in Cleveland. Not only was this outfit easy to create, it also happens to be thrifty. The blazer and shoes were thrifted, the top is clearance Old Navy and the skirt was purchased with a gift card. I love the almost neon quality of the skirt and how it pops against the classic colors.

Happy Memorial Day! Thanks to those who served and are still serving!

Sunday reading and some thoughts

Sunday has been the perfect day so far. I woke up early, watched Sunday Morning, and went back to bed. When I rolled out of bed again I did some cleaning, which is very calming for me, and some Internet browsing. I came upon this article: J.Crew helps preppy go Euro by Virginia Heffernan for the New York Times. J.Crew has been in the news a great deal lately, as everyone is extremely impressed by the creative direction of Jenna Lyons. This particular article touched on how J.Crew made preppy accessible. It made me think about how any trend, any “look” is made accessible and affordable by stores like Forever 21 and H&M. I know I enjoy being able to satisfy my fix for fashion quickly instead of having to save my money for a bigger more long lasting purchase. Immediate gratification is always better of course. I have a constant internal debate about whether I should just invest in the better quality product. However, I see a great benefit in putting everyone on a similar playing field as far as access to fashion. I love to see all of the style blogs that feature a mixture of high-end and low-end pieces as well as thrifted and vintage clothing.

Working girl: Preppy/70s

This outfit was a mix of preppy, striped shirt and blazer, and 70s, flare leg pants and floral scarf. I actually really liked the contrast. I especially like the way the striped sleeve sticks out of the jacket. It made me feel very Tory Burch and the jacket very Gossip Girl.
Forever 21 jacket; Target scarf; Ralph Lauren (outlet) top; The Limited pants; Nine West shoes 

Trend analyzed: Preppy

Various fashion sources have been saying that preppy is here for another turn in the trend cycle. In some circles I believe it has never left. But what I have noticed, and I believe I formulated this idea after reading a column in GQ, which I can no longer locate, is that it has extended past the ivy leaguers and people of that stereotype and has now found itself on everyone from hipster to librarian in its wake. I don’t know where those generalities came from. (Sorry, I am not trying to insult anyone.) And as this article from the New York Times points out it seems to have taken its course in Japan as well. In any case, once something becomes a trend, you can bet that it will be mass produced in stores, making it affordable and easy to acquire. Here is my polyvore creation of an affordable preppy look. It may not have as much zest as Take Ivy, but everyone has already seemed to put there own spin on it anyways.