French girl

For Valentine’s day I didn’t want to wear the typical red and pink ensemble. I just recently wrote an article expressing my disdain for it. I did want to wear something evocative of romance, which is why I put together this French Girl inspired look. As you can see, Cleveland is still covered in snow so I decided to go with my sweater tights. An amazing invention. If you are in the Cleveland area for Valentine’s Day, you should visit the Cinematheque and see one of the Audrey Hepburn movies being shown.We ended up seeing the new Adam Sandler movie because we didn’t want to bring ourselves to watching such a depressing movie as Blue Valentine for the special occasion. Just go with it was pretty silly. What are your Valentine’s Day plans?
Ralph Lauren top and vintage thrifted purse; Target scarf; Gap skirt; Anne Klein tights; Ann Taylor thrifted vintage loafers; Ray Ban wayfarers

An old classic: The striped shirt

I mentioned yesterday that part of the reason these lady-like looks are easy to wear is because they usually involve very classic pieces that you should always have in your wardrobe. I took that concept and applied it to a recent trend. Classic elements such as this knee-length black skirt, crisp white blouse, and bright red lipstick are updated by layering on a striped shirt. I also wore these brass hoop earrings and wine-color boots because of the Americana Ralph Lauren feel of this outfit. The striped shirt is definitely an old classic, but something that has been really on trend lately. So many of the classics have come back recently.
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Charming Charlie’s earrings (gift); NY&Co. blouse; Ralph Lauren top; Skirt (?); Franco Sarto boots

The Ralph Lauren look

I feel like all I need to make this authentically Ralph Lauren are some horses and hounds and for this to actually be a photo of me in Ireland with my small cottage in the distance instead of being at a park in Ohio. I am an admirer of the Ralph Lauren style and started building this outfit around the sweater, which is the only item that is authentic. The rest is inspired by that look. I don’t think Ralph Lauren ever stopped creating ladylike looks, and that is extremely relevant today with what has been on the runways recently, hence the knee length skirt.
Vix coat (Victoria’s Secret catalog); Ralph Lauren Sweater (Marshalls, gift); Skirt (gift); F21 leggings; Franco Sarto boots (Nordstrom); Watch (gift); Bracelet (vintage, gift)

Date-night inspired fall outfit

I think there are two kinds of dressers when it comes to date-night attire. Those who wear something for their significant other and those who wear something for themselves. I would like to think I fall somewhere in between. I am in no way above trying to look good and getting attention from the man, but I don’t think there is any reason those things can’t go hand-in-hand. And so this outfit is born. I have heard a lot of fashion experts say that you only want to showcase one body part at a time otherwise it’s overwhelming. I could not agree more. With this outfit I am able to show off my legs with this skirt and the leg lengthening heels, but I am covered up on top. And that actually brings me to my favorite part of this outfit: the top. I love to wear my striped shirt, but sometimes it can look a little “Sag Harbor”. Pairing it with this colorful scarf, skirt, and high heels, I feel more Parisian than Boca Vista. Piece 2 of the outfit that I love: the scarf. Normally this would feel a little stuffy, but because I am already showing off the gams, I feel no need to show off on top. And here you have it: a fall-inspired sexy but fashionable date-night outfit. What do you wear on date nights? Do you go super sexy? Or more casual?
Ralph Lauren top; Consignment shop scarf; Ray Ban aviators; H&M skirt; J.Crew bracelet; Kenneth Cole watch; Nine West shoes; Gap belt

Ads: Ralph Lauren

I want to start off the week with a gorgeous ad campaign by Ralph Lauren (scanned from Vanity Fair). I think this encapsulates what we all really want for Christms: classic styles, gorgeous diamonds, and luxury materials. I look at this image, and I wish that I was wearing that plaid shirt, those diamond earrings, and a faux fur blanky. What a fantasy this ad creates for the eager Christmas shopper. Here is to starting off the week with big dreams and high expectations. And I do have high expectations for the week because it’s a three-day work week, I get to eat turkey on Thursday, and I get to see a special someone by the weekend. Happy Monday!