Date-night inspired fall outfit

I think there are two kinds of dressers when it comes to date-night attire. Those who wear something for their significant other and those who wear something for themselves. I would like to think I fall somewhere in between. I am in no way above trying to look good and getting attention from the man, but I don’t think there is any reason those things can’t go hand-in-hand. And so this outfit is born. I have heard a lot of fashion experts say that you only want to showcase one body part at a time otherwise it’s overwhelming. I could not agree more. With this outfit I am able to show off my legs with this skirt and the leg lengthening heels, but I am covered up on top. And that actually brings me to my favorite part of this outfit: the top. I love to wear my striped shirt, but sometimes it can look a little “Sag Harbor”. Pairing it with this colorful scarf, skirt, and high heels, I feel more Parisian than Boca Vista. Piece 2 of the outfit that I love: the scarf. Normally this would feel a little stuffy, but because I am already showing off the gams, I feel no need to show off on top. And here you have it: a fall-inspired sexy but fashionable date-night outfit. What do you wear on date nights? Do you go super sexy? Or more casual?
Ralph Lauren top; Consignment shop scarf; Ray Ban aviators; H&M skirt; J.Crew bracelet; Kenneth Cole watch; Nine West shoes; Gap belt

The aviator

I got my pair of Ray Ban Aviators in the mail the other day. I chose the brown gradient mirror lens with gold metal trim. My friends may say that I look like a State Trooper, but I like their retro style and shape.

Ray Ban has been making these since 1965, according to Wikipedia, and they were apparently made for pilots because of the sun and glare. But they really hit their peak in the 1980s with films such as Top Gun.
I don’t think anyone, however, could look as bad ass wearing them as General Douglas MacArthur landing on the beaches of the Philippines in World War II. 

I love the photos of the actual pilots from WWII wearing them best. I don’t know who to attribute the aviators in these WWII era pictures. Was there a manufacturer before Ray Ban? Or did Ray Ban exclusively manufacture them for pilots during WWII?