Stripes, blazer and a silk scarf

Scarf from Spain (gift from friend) / Old Navy top / The Limited pants / Jones New York Sandals / Banana Republic jacket / Ray Ban wayfarers (purchased with Amazon gift card) / Michael Kors watch
It was one of those mornings. “I have nothing to wear, I have nothing to wear,” was like a reaffirming song lyric in my head. Then out of no where I put together an outfit that I ended up loving and feeling so great in all day. I guess it’s true what they say, “If you treat your wardrobe right, it will treat you right.” That’s not actually anything people say, but it sounds like it could be right? I also learned that throwing on a spring blazer with dark winter pants is a great way to re-purpose them for spring.

Monday outfit inspiration: Leopard print

This photo shoot from 25 Magazine sort of hits me over the head with inspiration. I have never wanted to own a pair of leopard print flats more, even though I am not a leopard-print kind of girl. I also love the trench paired with shorts and the long silk scarf tucked under the belt.

(Found on Fashion Gone Rogue)