Did You Shop or Not?

So did you do it? I shopped on Friday and picked out a brand new luggage set for a reasonable price as well as a few Christmas gifts. I didn’t really get into the whole clothes shopping craze that I usually do this year. Partially because I can’t keep my mind straight for long enough to even know what I want and partially because I am trying to stay away from impulsive shopping. The whole shop on this specified day but wait to find out what the deals are whether its online or in store does not feel like the best way to shop. I want to take my time and know that I am buying something I really love or really need as opposed to buying something because it is on sale. My mind cant differentiate the two when I am in a time-pressure situation. How about you? Find any good deals?

Black tie affordable

Before I go into detail about the runway shows and black tie gala of Fashion Week Cleveland, I wanted to do a little break down of what I wore. Attending a black tie event can seem intimidating, but the choice of what to wear was a no-brainer, as I already owned some pieces that were carefully selected over time.

The dress is White House Black Market. I purchased it 2 years ago for a more formal wedding in Chicago. I got it on Ebay for $40.

The shoes I bought last year at Target for $40. They are black patent, and I saw them as a good investment at a fair price.

The vintage pearl necklace I found when the boy and I took a trip a couple years ago to Columbus. It was $40, but I also saw this as a good investment.

The pearl earrings I bought recently for around $10 at JC Penny’s.

The clutch was bought 2 years ago in Chicago at a boutique called Lori’s for $20.

In total, this outfit probably cost me about $150, which is what I could have spent on a new dress. It just goes to show you that smart investments in classic pieces over time will provide you with a wardrobe that you can rely on.