A Different Way to Wear Your Work Blazer

H&M jacket and top / Forever 21 skirt / Riley necklace / Charleston market earrings / Jones New York sandals (Avalon

Currently watching American Idol and writing this post. I have to admit I haven’t watched the show in ages, but I think I am kind of alright with the new judges. And I am digging this Phil Phillips cutie.

Anyways, on to fashion. This skirt is one of my favorites to break out when the weather gets warmer. I love the bronze paired with a nautical stripe. I wanted to translate this look into something I could wear to work so I wore it with my black peplum blazer. The structured look of the blazer compliments the high waist of the skirt. I think that’s what makes it possible to pull this off as a work look.

Stripes, blazer and a silk scarf

Scarf from Spain (gift from friend) / Old Navy top / The Limited pants / Jones New York Sandals / Banana Republic jacket / Ray Ban wayfarers (purchased with Amazon gift card) / Michael Kors watch
It was one of those mornings. “I have nothing to wear, I have nothing to wear,” was like a reaffirming song lyric in my head. Then out of no where I put together an outfit that I ended up loving and feeling so great in all day. I guess it’s true what they say, “If you treat your wardrobe right, it will treat you right.” That’s not actually anything people say, but it sounds like it could be right? I also learned that throwing on a spring blazer with dark winter pants is a great way to re-purpose them for spring.

Best Picture Inspired Style: Midnight In Paris

Midnight in Paris is about a family who travels to Paris. The conflict arises when the engaged couple (Rachel McAdams and Owen Wilson) start to realize they want different things out of this trip, and possibly, out of life. Rachel McAdams takes more of a tourists approach to Paris while Owen Wilson is trying to capture the essence of the 1920s Paris experienced by Hemingway, Picasso, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Gertrude Stein. I too had a hard time deciding between current Paris and the writer’s paradise that was Paris in the 20s. So I went with an outfit that assumes the essence of a timeless Paris. I couldn’t go with out the signature American trying to be French look: my striped shirt.
H&M blazer / Ralph Lauren shirt / Target scarf / Sears pants and belt / Thrifted Ann Taylor shoes / Michael Kors watch

Outfit post: Stripes and pearls

I have been meaning to turn this J.Crew outlet bracelet into something else for a long time. Finally, I made my way to JoAnn Fabrics, which has quite a selection of chains for jewelry construction. The chain I ended up buying had wide enough holes that I could attach one end to the bracelet using the bracelet clasp. For the other end I bought some brass links and secured one with jewelry pliers to the other end. And voilà! Now I have an awesome new necklace to wear with this striped tunic I picked up at the H&M in Georgetown last summer. These $6 tapered pants have really upped their cool factor with these killer gladiator sandals and brass jewelry.
H&M top; Sears pants; Nine West shoes; J.Crew Outlet bracelet turned into a necklace

French girl

For Valentine’s day I didn’t want to wear the typical red and pink ensemble. I just recently wrote an article expressing my disdain for it. I did want to wear something evocative of romance, which is why I put together this French Girl inspired look. As you can see, Cleveland is still covered in snow so I decided to go with my sweater tights. An amazing invention. If you are in the Cleveland area for Valentine’s Day, you should visit the Cinematheque and see one of the Audrey Hepburn movies being shown.We ended up seeing the new Adam Sandler movie because we didn’t want to bring ourselves to watching such a depressing movie as Blue Valentine for the special occasion. Just go with it was pretty silly. What are your Valentine’s Day plans?
Ralph Lauren top and vintage thrifted purse; Target scarf; Gap skirt; Anne Klein tights; Ann Taylor thrifted vintage loafers; Ray Ban wayfarers

An old classic: The striped shirt

I mentioned yesterday that part of the reason these lady-like looks are easy to wear is because they usually involve very classic pieces that you should always have in your wardrobe. I took that concept and applied it to a recent trend. Classic elements such as this knee-length black skirt, crisp white blouse, and bright red lipstick are updated by layering on a striped shirt. I also wore these brass hoop earrings and wine-color boots because of the Americana Ralph Lauren feel of this outfit. The striped shirt is definitely an old classic, but something that has been really on trend lately. So many of the classics have come back recently.
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Charming Charlie’s earrings (gift); NY&Co. blouse; Ralph Lauren top; Skirt (?); Franco Sarto boots

Preppy twist ice cream

A fun way to mix up your wardrobe is to take your typical style, for me preppy, and add a twist. After all, everything is better with a twist. Tropical Twist gum, Chocolate Malt Twist ice cream, dancing, etc. So for this outfit, I paired this black and white striped tunic with a black blazer, gray booties, and dark jeans. It still has its preppy elements: white button up, striped shirt. But the colors and the style of the booties and jacket are more trendy. J.Crew spokeswoman, Lauren Hutton, wears a somewhat similar outfit for her most wanted list on the retailer’s website.
H&M jacket and tunic; NY&Co blouse; American Eagle jeans; Avalon consignment booties

Date-night inspired fall outfit

I think there are two kinds of dressers when it comes to date-night attire. Those who wear something for their significant other and those who wear something for themselves. I would like to think I fall somewhere in between. I am in no way above trying to look good and getting attention from the man, but I don’t think there is any reason those things can’t go hand-in-hand. And so this outfit is born. I have heard a lot of fashion experts say that you only want to showcase one body part at a time otherwise it’s overwhelming. I could not agree more. With this outfit I am able to show off my legs with this skirt and the leg lengthening heels, but I am covered up on top. And that actually brings me to my favorite part of this outfit: the top. I love to wear my striped shirt, but sometimes it can look a little “Sag Harbor”. Pairing it with this colorful scarf, skirt, and high heels, I feel more Parisian than Boca Vista. Piece 2 of the outfit that I love: the scarf. Normally this would feel a little stuffy, but because I am already showing off the gams, I feel no need to show off on top. And here you have it: a fall-inspired sexy but fashionable date-night outfit. What do you wear on date nights? Do you go super sexy? Or more casual?
Ralph Lauren top; Consignment shop scarf; Ray Ban aviators; H&M skirt; J.Crew bracelet; Kenneth Cole watch; Nine West shoes; Gap belt


I have not worn this outfit yet, but I wanted to put together an outfit for Chictopia’s Make Life Juicy contest that expressed my style fully—girly prep with a trendy flair. I originally wore this dress for New Year’s Eve. I love the poofyness and that it has a bow in the back. By wearing the striped shirt underneath it, I think I was able to express my love of contrasting elements. I think the best way to introduce a trend into your wardrobe, like stripes, is to pair it with something already in your wardrobe. Or in this case, I already owned the striped shirt, but by pairing it with the dress, reinvented the shirt.

If you are a member of the website Chictopia you can vote for me here by clicking on the yellow star.
H&M top; Ann Taylor Loft headband; Forever 21 dress; Target shoes

Inspiration from Stockholm to New York

How is your week going so far? Only one more day until the weekend. Here are some images from street style bloggers that have me inspired. I love the first girl’s shoes, striped shirt, and orange belt. The second girl’s pretty lipstick and bright purse look great with that top.

(First image from the Sartorialist; Second image from Stockholm Streetstyle)