Boy talk

Pendleton Ohio Knitting Mills sweater / Avalon Ralph Lauren button down / Sears Fiona pants / Old Navy boots / J.Crew necklace / Michael Kors watch / H&M bag

PB&J, a wink and a smile, Kim Kardashian and divorce…tapered pants and wedge boots? Not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of great matches. However, the wedge of these brown suede booties is just what this tapered 80s throwback needs to be brought up to speed. I like that the boots match the tomboyish look of this outfit, but still bring the sexy with a little heel. I have said it before; I love a good menswear-inspired look. The key to achieving this is to look like you raided Julia Roberts’ closet at any point during the 80s. Speaking of movie/movie stars, I just saw the Artist and highly recommend you go see it. You won’t even miss talkies!

Outfit post: Stripes and pearls

I have been meaning to turn this J.Crew outlet bracelet into something else for a long time. Finally, I made my way to JoAnn Fabrics, which has quite a selection of chains for jewelry construction. The chain I ended up buying had wide enough holes that I could attach one end to the bracelet using the bracelet clasp. For the other end I bought some brass links and secured one with jewelry pliers to the other end. And voilà! Now I have an awesome new necklace to wear with this striped tunic I picked up at the H&M in Georgetown last summer. These $6 tapered pants have really upped their cool factor with these killer gladiator sandals and brass jewelry.
H&M top; Sears pants; Nine West shoes; J.Crew Outlet bracelet turned into a necklace

The "Annie Hall" argument

Ladies and gentleman I give you the tapered trouser. I understand that this trend is not for everyone. But for those of us who want to try it, regardless of how bad it looks, can all of you naysayers involve yourself in disliking something else for today? I promise this minor blip on the style frequency is just that, a passing fad. It’s hard enough finding pants that fit well, let alone pants that purposely accentuate the hips and shorten your legs.

The last time I involved myself with tapered pants, I was a Freshman in high school, and I mistakenly chose to wear tapered khaki pants to my first day of high school instead of the more popular skirt that everyone else had chosen. As you can see I am learning from my mistakes. Regardless of how bad I looked then, I actually really like this particular pair I found at Sears. I think if you follow some strict guidelines when choosing your tapered trouser, you may strike gold.

First of all, you need to look for something that is closer to a straight leg cropped pant. The pants don’t have to narrow too dramatically, which is why I think these pants are not terrible. Secondly I think you need to pay attention to the width of the leg hole. If the leg hole is hugging your ankles then you need to say goodbye. But if the leg hole is rolled like this pair and is still wider than your ankle then I think you have a winner. The other reason I like these pants is because they are on the longer side, which means they cut me off at a lower, more narrow part of my leg.  I also chose them in a darker color. Dark colors are slimming, especially black.

Even with all of these conditions met, I have to admit these pants are still not the sexiest things I’ve ever worn, but I like them. They are my Annie Hall moment…quirky, dorky, and cute…however, it’s probably more than just a moment as I have been a dork for as long as I can remember. Writing that in a blog post doesn’t really prove otherwise.
J.Crew cardigan; Old Navy top; Sears pants; Antonio Melani shoes; Banyan Tree necklace; Ray Ban Wayfarers; Nars Heatwave lipstick