Scholarly fashions

In the fall my outfits get very scholarly. That’s probably because for the majority of my life so far, fall meant going back to school. My uniform for high school was not attractive, I will admit that, but I always come back to that collegiate look for fall—school boy blazers, loafers, tights. We did have to wear tights in high school, which I didn’t mind. However, I don’t think my high school had fashion in mind when they enforced that rule.
Thrifted blazer, New York & Co. blouse, Gap skirt, tights (don’t remember), thrifted loafers

Investments: Fleece-lined tights

Now that I am actively saving my money, things that cross my path turn into things that are worth investing in and things that are not—that is when my spending freeze is over. Fleece-lined tights seem like a good investment to me because A. I am always cold; B. They would be really warm; and C. I would get a lot of use out of them. Normally, I would never spend $35 on a pair of tights, but the benefits seem too good to pass up. Would you pass or invest in these tights?