Photo subject: Allegheny antique mall

One of my resolutions is to take more photos. As an outfit blogger, you would assume I take enough pictures. But spending time perfecting the art of self-portraiture naturally leads to curiosities about other forms of photography. I don’t necessarily want to begin a career in photography, but I want to revisit an interest I have had since high school and college. I realized while there that antique malls are great subjects for anyone who is a photographer and especially someone who is a beginner. The arrangement of miscellaneous objects is a gold mind for “still life” shots that have already been created for you. All you have to do is evaluate the angles and lighting to try and get a good result or a bad result if that’s what you’re trying to achieve. I am already thinking of the different shots and angles I could have taken to improve upon these photos. The original purpose for my visit to the antique shop,  the vintage goods, was as always a lot of fun to rifle through .