30 for 30 items of clothing

I am one post into the 30 for 30 challenge and I have already learned something about my wardrobe. I live in a world of blue, purple, and gray. Apparently these are the only colors that register on my radar because I seem to have a lot of these. When photographing my 30 picks I had to make some adjustments because there wasn’t much color variation. Gold, rust, and fuchsia to the rescue!

It was actually extremely difficult to narrow down my choices. I was worried about having enough warm clothes because it is still really cold, but I still wanted the option to play with my maxi skirt and purple pencil skirt. And I had to throw in a dress for a bridal shower I am attending this month as well as a jersey for the Superbowl.

Strange story. I won a pair of James Jeans, which I will be without for the first couple of days because I ordered the wrong size. Despite that I had to include them because they are amazing and look much better on than the photo gives them credit for.

So here we are! Let the games begin! If you are participating in the challenge fill me in.

Wardrobe Remix Contest

As you may already know, I entered a contest on Chictopia that challenges you to remix one item of clothing. Here is my attempt at remixing my army green shirt. If you like the looks please vote for it here by clicking on the yellow star. The winner gets their look featured in Teen Vogue, which would be pretty cool! If you want to enter yourself, you can find all the rules here. Thanks for putting up with my shameless plug! Back to fashioning!