If you want to make your own wedding rings…

My sister and her fiance did. Here is what Maria said, “We decided to make our own rings because we wanted something other than the standard cookie cutter rings. You can either melt down your metal yourself, cast an ingot, and bend it into a ring form or use the wax carving process. We used a metal with a high melting point – palladium – that was also inexpensive and a bright silver color which meant that we used the wax carving process by default. We also both wanted a lot of detail in our rings, so that process worked well for us.”

We started with a wax tube that we cut out a ring shaped chunk. Then we used files to shape the rings to the inner size and thickness that we wanted.

Once we had the basic ring shapes we got to work carving our designs. I carved a shooting star motif and Peter used a tool to give him a pebbly texture. We also marked where we wanted the stones to be set.
Once we were finished with the wax carving, the studio sent them off to be cast. We got back the raw castings, and used files (again) to smooth them out. Once we had the texture we wanted, we polished the rings to give them a nice shine.
Then to make the carvings stand out we used a rhodium plating process to darken the carved areas, and polished off the coating on the rest of the ring. Finally, our jewelry artist set the stones and did the inner engraving for us. It reads, The Essential is Invisible to the Eye. The stones in Peter’s ring is a piece of meteorite.
If you live in the Cleveland area, Maria and Peter made their rings at Tap Studios, which is located on East 40th street in the Loftworks building.